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We have created a number of websites for you which are all designed with the same easy-to-navigate interface and so integrated that you often don't realize you have gone from one to another unless you notice the logo change at the top.  Here they are:

and coming soon:


plus a site ( which will cover the 60s and previous decades:


We aim to be accurate, informative, irreverent when appropriate, and entertaining. Many in the media have recognized our efforts as have our readers.

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What We're Trying To Accomplish Here

When I first thought about creating a site about the 1970s of this size and scope, it was partly as a result of not being able to find information on the cool things I remembered from my childhood. If I wanted to read about virtual reality, President Clinton, or O.J. Simpson, there were no shortage of sites. But if I wanted to read about disco, the Pet Rock fad, or Watergate, there was little if anything.

I want to cover the 1970s (referred to as the Super70s here) and 1980s (Awesome80s) in as much detail as possible. I want our generation to be able to visit this site as we grow older and feel nostalgic for the books, people, music, movies and events that shaped our lives. I want future generations to know what it was like to be alive in the 70s and 80s. It is my hope that two hundred years from now, this site will be used to understand what life was like for the six billion humans on this planet in the latter part of the 20th Century. 

At some point in our future, you will be able to go back in time to ANY date in either of those decades and find out:

  • What songs were popular
  • What movies were in the theatres
  • What the sports scores were
  • What the price of gas was
  • What the news stories were
  • And much more!

It will be like being able to view a newspaper or magazine from the time except that your stories will be there too! It will be a great link to send to a friend on their birthday. Won't that be cool?

A project to create a baseball section for our 70s and 80s sites quickly grew into a site that now covers the complete history of the sport! is actually our biggest site.

I later realized that a 90s site was needed. Much work needs to be done, but we at least have the name ( And after literally hundreds of requests, I have finally decided to tackle the 60s and earlier decades with

Do you want such a site to exist as you get older and more nostalgic? You can help make it a reality by supporting these sites.

We NEED You!

Our sites are for you, about you, and by you. We want you to share your stories about the these years. These stories can be about anything. Clothing that you loved, movies that you saw, news events you witnessed, fads you bought into - anything! Just find the appropriate page on our site, go down to the Share You Memories section, and click on the link to our forums.

Don't be discouraged just because we haven't covered it yet; covering these decades is a monumental task and we've got several thousand more pages to create. If you have pictures or other media which you own the rights to, we'd really appreciate it if you would share those with our other readers as well. Read more about how to help out here.

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