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How Can You Help?

There are many ways to help make these sites world-class. Here's a few.

  • Writing an article or submitting feedback on your favorite band, TV show, movie, or sports team.
  • Submitting a picture (that you took) depicting 70s or 80s cars, clothing, fads, or something we'd all remember from those years.
  • Visiting our sponsors. We get a fee each time you click on one of the ads from our carefully selected advertisers and purchase something from them. So if you are thinking of doing some online shopping, please start here! Note that while we get a percentage, you don't pay a higher cost, so we both win.
  • Telling your friends and family about our sites. Every page has a link on the top called "Email This." I have never spent a dime on advertising (can't afford it) and rely on word of mouth to let folks know about these great (and free) sites. You must have siblings, coworkers, or childhood friends that would be amused or at least feel nostalgic about pages you've read here. Send them a link and let them discover our sites!
  • Linking to us. If you own your own web site, please consider linking to us so that your readers can find us.


Why should you help out? Many assume a web site of this size must be the work of some company with lots of resources. Not so. Everything you see here was created by me with the occasional article written by a friend, family member, my friends at, or even one of you! All the graphics, web programming, databases, etc. were created by me in my spare time and without any form of compensation other than the smiles the weekly "your site is great!" emails bring.

It still costs more money to keep this site running each month than I receive from all forms of revenue (which is limited to our affiliate arrangements with, eBay, Google and others). Another way of putting it is that I have been bringing you this site for years and continue to do so with money out of my personal checking account.

At the time I write these words, I've managed to create a pair of sites that contain a combined 9,300 pages and hope to create several tens of thousands more pages! Call me crazy for doing this, but if you like the results and where we're heading, you owe it to yourself to help me get there.

A few final points on integrity:
  • You won't see pornography or other questionable ads here.
  • You won't have to contend with those annoying pop-up (or pop-under) ads when visiting our sites.
  • You won't be charged to view "premium content" like some other sites. Everything is free here.
  • We won't sell your email address to the spammers.
And so on. All of these have been true since day one and will always remain true. Why? Don't those schemes make money? Yes, and even huge dotcoms like have resorted to gambling ads at one time or another. I'm an Internet user just like you. I use the 'Net all day long and if I'm annoyed and offended by it, then what right do I have to subject you to it? I choose the advertisers on my sites and do so with caution.

These policies, which I wish all sites would adhere to, are another reason why I believe this project is worth supporting and I hope you agree.

For those of you who are able to help us out, thank you. Future readers of this site are in your debt as am I. Regardless of whether you are able to help, thank you for reading this far and please enjoy your stay - and come back often!

Patrick Mondout

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