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Super70s/ Switches to MaximumASP

April 15, 2005

We have made the switch! After eight years with, we have finally moved on to the world-class hosting provided by The incredible year-to-year growth in traffic as well as our development plans required a more scalable and reliable level of service than Intermedia was able to provide at any price.

Note: If you are about to sign up for a server and just need a code to save $20, enter this Referral ID: EJTA-3845

The move has actually been in the making for close to three years. While it may well move my ranking on the Geek 100 list to near the top, I must admit that I have been lusting after a MaximumASP server since 2002. The solitary reason that I did not make the switch earlier was cost. I was paying $34.95 a month with Intermedia and this move was going to cost me an additional $165 per month. Fortunately, revenues for the sites increased to a point in late 2004 were I could justify spending the additional amount.

Of course, it's early and I may feel quite differently after I have been with them a while. Intermedia seemed great in 1998. I will let you know how happy we are in 90 days or so.

Update: July 20, 2005

If I had to rate how pleased we are with on a scale of 1 to 10, I could not give it anything less than a 10. I was expecting them to perform as a world class ISP and they certainly have. There have been glitches, most recently with a faulty switch, but they kept me informed and always aware of any potential downtime. And the downtime has not been noticed - no complaints anywhere. As a former Microsoft employee and IT manager myself, I know these kinds of issues arise. I just expect the MCSE's they have hired to be able to deal with them rapidly and effectively.

I also worked in tech support for six years and can tell the difference between someone who will "blow you off" versus someone who truly wants to help you, even if it means going beyond the required level of service. And as someone who used to help people write Excel macros over the phone - though we did not have to go that far - I appreciate the high standard of support I get from MaximumASP.

With Intermedia, I actually had to run a script for the last two years that would restart the Web services nightly. I had begged them to do something about that server, but they essentially told me to check my script, because it must be something in my code. Well, my code has been running unmodified on my new MaximumASP server without crashing the WWW Publishing Service once. In fact, the only reboot in the 90 days was due to an update from Microsoft, which said it required one.

If this all sounds like a sales pitch, well, it is! The fact is that if you are considering moving your site(s) to a premier Microsoft ASP/.Net service provider, you should consider If you decide, as I have, to go with them, please use the following code when signing up. Why? Because you will receive $20 off your first month and will receive a discount on hosting this site. As I provide and free of charge (and always have), you would be doing us all a big favor and saving yourself some cash as well. Here's that ReferralID:


Just use this "referral code" when signing up for your account and we'll both win! If you have any trouble entering the code, just email their sales team. They want your business and will work with you if you have any special needs.

If you think I just wrote this to make money, think again. I rely on my sites to generate revenue and I would not pay extra to MaximumASP if they did not provide outstanding service and value. I have to remain with them for these referrals to mean anything as the only compensation I get from this code is a reduction of my monthly fees. Do you think I'd stay with them for $199 a month if they were only as good as (which was $34.95)? I have never regretted the decision to switch and, if you are serious about your Microsoft-based site (with or without SQL Server), neither will you.

If you want to learn more:

Here's a link to their dedicated servers page.
Here's a link to their virtual servers page.

They also have "used" servers that have been complete reformatted that you can get a truly great deal on!

Any of these are eligible for the referral program discount.

As always, thanks for visiting!
Patrick Mondout

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