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Super70s Pets: The Papillons

By Patrick Mondout
May 4, 2005

My ex-girlfriend, Bobbie Morgan, enjoys competing in agility competitions with her Papillons. She has won so many titles with both Remington and Wolfy that my head spins when she tells me about them (just like in the movie).

I took a number of pictures of Remington, who appeared briefly with Bobbie on Animal Planet in early 2004, in action and decided to share them here. A pair of them were also published in Deborah Wood's book, A New Owner's Guide to Papillons. Most were taken in front of the house we rented on the Oregon Coast. It was just 30 feet from the Pacific Ocean (30 feet above on a hill and 30 feet from that edge). Wolfy was just a puppy when we lived on the beach, so I don't have many action shots of him. That's unfortunate since we've know from day one that he was special and he is now proving it.


Bobbie and Remington with the Pacific Ocean behind them, January 2003
Remster weavin' through the poles...
This was used in the book mentioned above.
So was this...
I hope he gets his landing gear down in time!
Jumping a pair of obstacles with the aid of a swift Pacific Ocean tail wind. I don't mean to diss Remmer, but his hair looks awful lot like Nick Nolte's.
A very small dog looks quite big from the perspective of a blade of grass!
Remster loved running on the beach, though he hated getting wet as much as a cat!
We took pictures for our Christmas cards. I took a few dozen to make sure I got the right one. Remington and Wolfy (left) got bored.
Don't worry - this picture is faked! Wolfy also loved the beach and didn't mind getting wet, but I assure you I was the only who got wet as a result of this shot!
My mother actually took this shot of Wolfy and his stuffed friend when I was showing her how to use my camera. I altered it extensively in Photoshop.
Don't ever let the Wolf-man hear you claim it doesn't snow in Portland! I actually had to rescue him the following day when got got trapped on the ice down below and behind the porch fence you see. I nearly broke my hand falling down the stairs as I hurried to get him, but Wolfy was merely frightened... and miffed.
Wolfy psychologically owns any room he walks in to. He's as calm as a hurricane, as patient and quiet as a baby at an opera, and has more in common with the Tasmanian Devil than Snoopy. This Photoshop alteration was an attempt to show the effect he has on a room.



And finally, a Remington montage...


These were all taken with a Nikon Coolpix 995 - a truly great 3 megapixel camera. You can see some great pictures of Bobbie's Cockatoos here.

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