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Your Messages To Us!

We have received literally tens of thousands of emails over the past 18 years from over 40 countries! Some were critical, some offered invaluable advice or corrections to our articles, others simply had questions. And then there are our favorites: fan letters!

As mentioned elsewhere, this site does not pay me a salary. Thus, the primary satisfaction I receive is from the letters of encouragement and thanks I get from folks like you and the occasional mention from other members of the media.

Most of the fan letters were sent anonymously through our feedback system and I have never had a chance to thank those kind souls for taking time out of their busy schedules to thank us for our efforts here. I want you to know that I have personally read every single email or feedback that has ever been sent here and have no plans to ever delegate that responsibility.

I have included a few favorites below plus some others that are representative of what we now receive on a weekly basis. Please keep them coming - critical or otherwise!

Thanks for visiting!
Patrick Mondout

  "Your website is FANTASTIC! My name's Al Chio and I am the afternoon personality at Mega 103-5 here in Miami. We play disco and classic dance from the 70's and 80's. All I needed was your website to get all the cultural information needed! Thanks again for having an incredible website, lots of info and easy to navigate." -- Al Chio (WMGE Mega 103.5 FM)  
  "Fantastic site! Definitely something for future generations to tune in for and read!" -- Rick from the U.K.  
  "A magnificent site. Captures almost everything about the 70's. I will recommend your site without a doubt." -- John Whyte  
  "I am on the reunion committee for my 20th (1984), and have been racking my brains out trying to gather info regarding those four high school years.

Thank you so much for having compiled what many would consider valuable information. It has been a pleasure to look back and recall those glorious and "awesome" days of hope, optimism, and good, old-fashioned fun!" -- Deb Szemplinski

  "I am a blind computer user and it is interesting to read about the things that happened in the 80's... Thank you for the nice layout of your site. I use a voice readout unit to read the website information." -- Ronnie Sanders

Response: I spent countless hours on the navigation of this site. An email like this makes it all worthwhile. Thanks Ronnie!

  "Please forgive me for being so rude. I had no idea it was a one person operation. I figured it took more than one to put such an incredible website together. My hats off to you for doing such a tremendous job!

...I kind of lost it. Hope you can forgive me." (name withheld)

Response: Not everyone is a fan, but I do listen to criticism and my willingness to engage such critics has turned a few into repeat visitors.

  "Just stumbled upon your site and think it's a great one! It brings back great memories of a better time. Today is so hurried and complicated. Whatever happened to those good old days? Thanks for the site, keep up the great work." -- Jan  
  "I have been waiting for a site like yours for some time. Congratulations on an entertaining and informative site. I look forward to much happy reading." -- Chris L.  
  "I must say, I found this site thoroughly fascinating and quite helpful. I do a lot of writing set in the era of the late 60's and early 70's and this was a great help. Although I lived the era, much of that teenage memory has faded... In all, a marvelously wonderful site. Thanks for all the help." -- Dawn Dillingham  
  "Located your site today and am very impressed!! Very easy to use and full of all the info I needed." -- BJ Smith  
  "I love yours site - packed with information - and presented with such wit that it never fails to get me back to the site whenever I need a good "intellectual" laugh! Keep up the good work!"-- Hafizi Azmal in Malaysia  
  "Thanks so much for creating this site. It's put together really well. Reading over the time lines brings back a lot of memories. Job well done!" -- David Younger, BMI  
  "I'm a student and we're doing a project from the years 1985-1990 and this site has really helped us sooooooo much. This is our final project before exams and we have to dress like they did, dance & listen to the same music, and also give facts about the years. You've helped us with the research and now we can work on the fun part!! Thanks soooooo much for making this site!" -- EBR

"This is an absolutely awesome [site].... You are saving my butt in my history class!  Thank you sooooo much!" --Audrey

Response: I did not realize how useful these sites would prove in education when I created them, but we get lots of letters from students of all ages. It is fast becoming the aspect of the site I am most proud of.

  "I love this website! I grew up in the 70's and remember just about everything! This website couldn't be any better. Keep up the great work!" -- Kathleen Eyrich  
  "I was never one for going back to my childhood/teen years (always looking ahead I guess), but when I found this site everything changed. I couldn't leave. Thoughts, actions, feelings, you name it, came back and I am having a ball. This site is indeed fantastic!!! I look forward to its growth and seeing others from my generation enjoy the bygone years long past." -- KayCee  
  "Your [baseball] website is an impressive undertaking, particularly since you seem to be tackling every season from 1869 forward.  It's certainly understandable that you have to devote a great deal of time to it, and I congratulate you on all your hard work." --Bill Hickman  
  "I have to congratulate you on your web site. This is what an excellent and dedicated web site should be like; I can only wish there were more people like you in cyberspace." --Patrick  
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