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Love Story by Erich Segal

By Bantam (publisher)

This is the wonderful, tumultuous, heartfelt story of Oliver Barrett IV and Jenny Cavilleri--the story of a rich Harvard jock and a wisecracking Radcliffe music major who have nothing in common but love... and everything else to share but time. Funny and flip, sad and poignant, Erich Segal's magnificent novel will grab you, hold you, and stay with you forever. You, like more than twenty million others, will fall in love with Love Story. (And who could forget the Ryan O'Neal/Ali MacGraw movie!)



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"I remember reading this book in the 7th grade. It was one of my all time favorites!! Now as an adult, I want to share this story with my children so they have a knowledge of what love is and how two different people can be so committed to each other."


"The most wonderful, touching and hillarious book i have ever read. Erich Segal's best!"


"I really loved the book. The story was fast-moving and the dialogues were great. I admired the character of Jenny, who has,I think very different and yet, appealing. She and Oliver complimented each other perfectly and I believe that Erich Segal is an extremely good writer."


"I read the book before seeing the movie and I liked it that the movie was identical to the book and that helped not to ruin any impressions I had of the book. I can only hope to find a love as funny, sweet, and true as Oliver and Jenny's. Theirs was a story of two people from two different worlds bound by love so strong. I cried when I read the book, and kinda felt angry about the ending but it was all to teach us a lesson that we can still love such a person and I can totally relate to that."

--Honey B



Author: Erich Segal

Released: March 2, 1970

Awards: Paperback, hardback


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