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Trinity by Leon Uris

By Bantam (publisher)

The "terrible beauty" that is Ireland comes alive in this mighty epic that re-creates that Emerald's Isle's fierce struggle for independence. Trinity is a saga of glories and defeats, triumphs and tragedies, lived by a young Catholic rebel and the beautiful and valiant Protestant girl who defied her heritage to join him. Leon Uris has painted a masterful portrait of a beleaguered people divided by religion and wealth--impoverished Catholic peasants pitted against a Protestant aristocracy wielding power over life and death.



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"When Leon Uris wrote "Trinity", I was graduating from high school. With my last name as O'Donnell and hailing from the westcoast of Canada, I knew very little of my Irish ancestors - only the little bits of information that my Grandfather would tell me. He was born in London, England and his Irish roots were at least one generation behind him. What he did tell tell me was that his family had been Catholic in Ireland and when they "immigrated" to London, they converted and became Protestant. I found that fact interesting. I also could never understand why two groups that claimed they believed in God and his son, Jesus could possibly be fighting continually!

This Spring (2001), I finally read Leon Uris's "Trinity" and this summer, "Redemption". What it has taught me is the reason for the fighting - land oppression and the lack of civil equality. I am now even more shocked about the fact my Grandfather told me of his family converting. I wish he was now still alive because I now want to ask him so much more. My copy of "Trinity" is now being circulated amongst my siblings. Perhaps they, too, will answer some questions and I am sure it will generate so many more about our who we are!"


"This book kept a pit of sorrow in my stomach all while I was reading it. The imagery and detail was astounding, Uris told the blunt truth about the Catholic-Irish and why they resort to religion and alcohol.

Conor Larkin is a man destined to be great like his father and grand father before him. He goes from a young and enlightened boy in Inoshwen to a fearless leader in the "Brotherhood."

This novel spells out the pain and suffering behind the poor of Ireland. It enthralled me while at the same time disgusted me by the cruel things these people had to live, or die, with."


"I read "Trinity" when I was around twenty years old and found it to be extremely motivational. I just began reading it again now at the age of twenty seven. This novel qualifies as the type of story that I cannot put it down. The Larkin family is the type of family that I would love to be a part of. Tomas is the idealistic father every man strives to be. I am quite sure that in the near future that I will read it again. Hopefully one day I can pass this incredible story to my son one day, and I wish he can appreciate it as much as do."


"I am a working class protestant from Belfast with staunch Loyalist backrounds and surroundings. I am able, with pleasure, to accuse Trinity of planting sympathetic seeds for the Republican cause. The research and accuracy of the tale astonished me. Uris painted the cause with romamtacisim, portrayed the war as ruthless and the British as 'scum', I suppose. Does Uris have a disliking for imperialist Britian?. I doubt he holds them in high regard as I have also read Exodus!. "Ireland is a mongoloid child of Brittish Colonalism". Brilliant."

--Jamie Geddis. agd. 17

"Just finished Trinity. Beautiful and tragic - and troubling. Of all the political/religious conflicts in the world to me the one in Ireland is the most heart-wrenching. My hope and prayer will be that the "Irish problem" can be solved in finality to the good of all of the people - is that even possible."


"At age 61, having recently returned from nine days in Ireland (my first visit there), I was delighted to find a copy of "Trinity" in a small bookshop on the main street of Hallowell, Maine. That was just after Christmas. Less than a month later, I've finished the book! It was a great way to learn more about Ireland's history, especially those years after the Potato Famine up to 1916.

My only complaint about the book is that I wish great fiction could come closer to honoring fact. But it is rare (James Michener being the only exception who comes to mind) to find an author who can write really well, keeping you in his/her grip, while at the same time sticking more than 60 or 70 percent to the truth.

Nonetheless, I would still heartily recommend the book to anyone at all interested in Ireland and its people."


"One of the most profound books I have ever read! I never really understood the entire background to the Irish "troubles" and now have much more understanding, even though it is a work of fiction. Having read this, I firmly believe that the NI trouble will never be resolved due to the irish character and their strong sense of passing on history through all generations by word of mouth, songs, fables etc. Leon Uris has a unique ability to capture the essence of countrymans character in all of his books."


"TRINITY, a fantastic read, not alone for the Irish, but for the whole world, I cried, I laughed and the hairs stood on the back of my neck as I read and re-read this exceptional book, this is a masterpiece by a master storyteller."


"I first read Trinity 10 years ago. Seeking something new to read after doing rounds with Brogan, Fante and Brautigan I came across it on my bookshelf gathering dust. I opened it and began to read.. you know I couldn't remember ever having read the book. It took me off to home, being Irish, having had a wee global adventure and settling in London, many memories flooded back to the 'ole brain - I put the book down 5 hours later having wept buckets. If you're Irish and are aware of your history this book is a must - the whole shebang in one book, from the famine to the rising. Uris has cast a spell on me with his storytelling - he is indeed a shenachie."


"This was a great book! It doesn't matter if you are Irish or not. This was a very, very moving story. I fell in love with the character, Connor Larkin. No book has ever touched me like this book. No book has ever altered my life. I loved it and recommend it highly. I couldn't put it down and even as I was close to the end, I didn't want it to end. It's a wonderful, adventous, insightful story. A must read."




Author: Leon Uris

Released: February 5, 1976


Availability: Paperback, audio cassette

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