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Ryan's Daughter Academy Award Winner! Academy Award Winner! Academy Award Nomination! Academy Award Nomination! 

By Anonymous

Filmed in the best Hollywood tradition, this monumental film tells the touching story of an older schoolteacher married to a much younger woman who has an affair with a handsome young English major. The film cost $14,000,000 to produce and took 3 years to finish. It was director David Lean's 15th feature. Although he didn't receive screen credit for editing the film, David Lean supervised the cutting. Lean had actually worked as a professional editor. The bulk of the filming took place in West of Ireland on the Dingle Penninsula near the village of Dunquin (the breathtakingly beautiful beach scenes were filmed at Caherciveen, Co Kerry), but due to poor weather, part of the shooting was done in South Africa.

Academy Awards

Ryan's Daughter received Academy Awards for Cinematography (Vittorio Storaro) and Sound (Walter Murch, Mark Berger, Richard Beggs and Nat Boxe). Ryan's Daughter also received Academy Awards nominations for Best Picture (Francis Ford Coppola - Producer), Supporting Actor (Robert Duvall), Directing (Francis Ford Coppola), Writing (John Milius & Francis Ford Coppola), Art Direction/Set Decoration (Dean Tavoularis, Angelo Graham and George R. Nelson), and Film Editing (Richard Marks, Walter Murch, Gerald Greenberg and Lisa Fruchtman).

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"Given such a large format as 70mm Panavison to use, going for excessive and impressive long shots could be tempting for a less talented director. Indeed, the opening of the film used this format to really give the feel of the rugged and stormy coast of Ireland the difficult but beautiful environment in which the characters lived their lives. The long shots of the beach (were they really shot in Ireland?) gave a freshness only experienced when near the sea. The use of the umbrella from a distance enabled Lean to quickly cut to a C.U. of Rose as she walked along the beach. Poor Irish girls would not normally own such an umbrella so immediately we know she is a little different. The intimacy between Shaunessay and Rose as they strolled along the beach was cleverly handled but the large format still enabled the sea to be a dominant part of the background. What a sensitive and clever director and all this within the first three minutes!"


"This was an EPIC motion picture. The Acting was superb, the cinematography breathtaking. And the story was awesome. This film also has one of the most beautiful soundtracks I've ever heard. Everyone calls De Niro the best, but you must see this if only to witness John mills as Michael, the village idiot. One of my two favorite movies of all time (alongside Braveheart). Buy it!"

--Mark A

"Christopher Jones put in a performance of "A" quality I thought. His sad and haunted quality was not an act. His childhood was tormented. As a matter of fact he shared similar occurrences with Robert Mitchum. They both knew Marilyn Monroe; Jones must have, he married Susan Strassburg, who knew Marilyn very well from her father's acting school. Both lost a parent at the age of three. Mitchum's father was killed in an accident and Jones' mother was committed to an insane asylum. His father sent his two boys away and Chris lived in a boys' town orphanage.

Both Robert Mitchum and Chris left to live on their own on mean streets as teenagers, around 16. Both were creative in other artistic fields. Mitch was a poet, Chris an artist (like his mother before she became ill.) Both had one brother.

He dropped out of movies completely. On some other site, there is mention of one recent movie after a 30 year lapse, called "O"thello, made recently.

It's such a shame that it takes such pain to build the most captivating character and charisma in a person. What drove him into seclusion, like James Dean to his early death, are the same charismatic qualities that draw people to them! In 30 years, I have never forgotten him.

At least part of Ryan's Daughter was filmed in Limerick, Ireland, where Frank McCourt grew up in dirt-poor poverty. He lived to tell about it in Angela's Ashes, an Oprah bookclub book. He and his brother Malachi fell in with the Ryan's Daughter cast at the local pub, which I believe, was the event that provided Malachi the thin thread of connection necessary for his immigration to America. Frank soon followed. Another great story.

Christopher Jones needs to know his performance touched people who deeply care about him and who miss him. The world is hungry for his depth of feeling."

--Beverly in Oregon

"My favorite movie. I first saw this as a sixteen year old girl, and was immeasurably moved. Ineffably beautiful in all senses, I went to see it again and again. At that point in time, I had no idea of the true significance of the story.

I married at age 18 to a man I didn't love. I had several affairs, eventually falling passionately in love with a man I could never have, paying dearly for my "sin". I now more fully understand Rose's desire for the English officer. To me, the scene in which Rose runs up the hill to meet him in the pre-dawn hours is absolutely one of the most poignant movie scenes ever filmed, having (finally) experienced extreme passion myself.

The movie is multifaceted; there is so much on which to comment, but I'll (mercifully) leave off here."


"I think the actor, Christopher Jones, is very much overlooked, in talking about, in this movie. He didn't say much, but he didn't have to. Sara Miles isn't that good of an actress. She always has the look of pain on her face, no matter what movie she is in. There is no demand of articles or pictures of her nowdays, like there is for Christopher Jones. Pictures of him have gone for $50 to $100 on ebay. The same for his movies. Magazines that have his pictures or articles go for the same at times. He's in very much demand."




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Director: David Lean

Stars: Robert Mitchum, Trevor Howard, John Mills

Released: November 9, 1970

Availability: VHS CD

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