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Unmarried Woman Academy Award Nomination! Academy Award Nomination! Academy Award Nomination! 

By Marshall Fine

This Paul Mazursky film was considered pretty hot stuff when it came out in 1978 and was part of a wave of films that opened Hollywood's eyes to stories of women discovering their own identity. And it still holds up. Jill Clayburgh plays a comfy East Side wife whose lawyer husband (Michael Murphy) one day drops a bombshell on her: He doesn't love her and he's walking out on the marriage. Clayburgh, who is accustomed to thinking of herself as an adjunct to her man, suddenly must stand on her own two feet. But it's not an easy transition for her. This was one of the first movies to show how tough it can be, and Clayburgh portrays a compelling blend of vulnerability and growing strength. She even meets a great new guy, a painter (Alan Bates) who, she discovers, she can love without losing herself in the process.

Academy Awards

Unmarried Woman received Academy Awards nominations for Best Picture (Paul Mazursky - Producer, Tony Ray - Producer), Actress (Jill Clayburgh), and Writing (Best Screenplay written directly for the screen; Paul Mazursky).

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"I have been looking for this movie for some time. I remember really enjoying it when it came out but I wasn't sure who starred in it and what the title was. I finally figured out it was a Jill Clayburgh movie and then I came across a review and realized I finally found it. Now I can find it and see it again after all these years. I remember it had a huge affect on me when I saw it the first time and I had no idea it also had the same affect on so many others until I read some reviews. If you haven't seen it, try it. If you are a woman, you will probably like it. If I recall correctly, it was what is now commonly referred to as a "chick flick"."




Buy this VHS movie from! (Click here!)DVD unavailableSoundtrack unavailable at - try eBay (see links below)Rated RNot on an American Film Institute 100 list

Director: Paul Mazursky

Stars: Jill Clayburgh, Alan Bates, Michael Murphy, Cliff Gorman, Jill Eikenberry

Released: October 27, 1978

Availability: VHS

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