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Movie Feedback

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We warmly welcome anything interesting you have to say about these movies - especially reviews. Here are some tips to help ensure that what you write gets published: 

  • If this is your favorite movie, tell us why. The best focus on the amusing or touching aspects of the characters or particular scenes.
  • Make it interesting so readers in the decades to come will enjoy reading your thoughts!
  • Please DON'T USE ALL CAPS because it makes it appear you are shouting (see?). No all lowercase either. And... no... ellipses...
  • We allow for a few mistakes, but we do not have time to edit your work.
  • Press "Enter" for a new paragraph.
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The Fine Print:

All submitted comments become the licensed property of as set forth in our Legal Notices. Your comments will usually be posted to the appropriate page usually within a few weeks (we are working on making this faster - sorry for the delay). Submissions that use profanity or are in any way abusive will not be posted.

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