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Derek & The Dominos - Layla RIAA Certified Gold! Click here to see this CD at!

By Steve Stolder

Layla stands as one of a handful of pillars of classic rock. The short-lived ensemble that was the Dominos provided an outlet for Eric Clapton to vent his then unrequited (and secret) passion for the wife of his best friend, George Harrison. Romantic anguish inspired Clapton to write and collect an embroiling and interconnected song cycle. Meanwhile, latecomer Duane Allman prodded Clapton to tear it up on guitar, so as not to be overwhelmed by his even more talented foil. Of course, Clapton eventually won the hand of his lady love. And then he divorced her. Sometimes real life messes up a good plot line.

1. I Looked Away8. Tell The Truth
2. Bell Bottom Blues9. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?
3. Keep On Growing10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out11. Little Wing
5. I Am Yours12. It's Too Late
6. Anyday13. Layla
7. Key To The Highway14. Thorn Tree In The Garden


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"Sorry, but this idea that Duane Allman is somehow better than Eric is just so much pap. Just listen to the gut wrenching solo on the alternate take #1 of "Have You Ever Loved a Woman", available on "The Layla Sessions", to see who the more talented musician was/is. I had read SO many times how Layla "proved" Duane was better that I had almost begun to believe it. Then I got ahold of the alternate versions of several of the songs, sans Duane, and my attitude was completely changed."


"In the end, it becomes obvious that Duane Allman had the upper hand regarding the esoterics of the slide guitar, which of course Eric Clapton, recognized guitar genius, could never have realized, having grown "up north"--WAY up north. But then, it goes beyond technique--it's in the food you eat, the way you talk, who you're talking to, what you heard all your life...and, if you believe this album, who you're sleeping with. But that's another story--they did, in reality, play off each other. And that's the story of the hotrod gunslinging guitaritsts from damn Johnny Be Good to.....well, who's your favorite?? What--you think-- they were different from you or me? Nope--they had just found their plug--and baby, they plugged it in--hope you find yours-peace!"


"This album in my mind is Clapton's best ever. He lays down awesome solos and his vocals are heart wrenching. He also has help from Duane Allman who's guitar sound on this album takes it to where few can go. If you want to hear two of the best guitarist trading off licks this is the album."


"It's hard to overstate the level of energy and genuine emotion demonstrated on that lp. I'd love to have been there to feel it. A wonderful example of great talents inspiring each other. One of my deserted island discs for sure. An indication of Duane Allman's importance to the sessions is the lack of heart in anything the band did without him. How often does anyone play the "other" lp? I've played mine twice in twenty five years. Wail on Skydog!"


"What goes around comes around. Because of the huge success of Layla, Clapton one the hand of Harrison's wife but she couldn't have kids, so he divorced her. He married someone who could have kids, then he had a baby boy. The baby boy fell out of a window and died. Nevermind More records sold!"


"I agree with the review. The Layla Album is, arguably, Clapton's finest album. It has more passion and feeling in it than perhaps any other. I think this is due to, not only the feelings he had for Patty Boyd, but also expresses Clapton's liberation from the hard and draining phycadelic sound that he had been tied to in Cream and the inspiration he took from those musicians he played with."


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Artist: Derek & The Dominos

Released: November 6, 1970

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Gold

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