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Harry Nilsson - The Point! Click here to see this CD at!

By Steven Stolder

Must everything have a point? That's the question posed by Harry Nilsson's 1971 pop parable of a well-rounded young boy named Oblio, from the Land of Point, who's cast apart from the community by those who resent his pointlessness. Conceived when the gifted singer-songwriter was on an acid trip, The Point! is a product of its time, what with its central theme (the hollowness of conformity) and ornate Beatles-era pop. But the message--presented in song and narration--and music are delivered with a grace and gentleness that elevates The Point far above most socially conscious '60s art. Produced as a made-for-TV movie  in 1971, this audio version of the modest masterpiece will appeal to adult fans of the late singer. More to the point, however, it'll capture the fancy of thoughtful youngsters who'll empathize with the little boy who finds points where he's told there are none, and concludes, "If everything has a point, well then I must have one, too."

1. Everything's Got 'Em10. The Birds (Narration)
2. The Town (Narration)11. P.O.V. Waltz
3. Me And My Arrow12. The Clearing In The Woods (Narration)
4. The Game (Narration)13. Are You Sleeping?
5. Poli High14. Oblio's Return (Narration)
6. The Trial & Banishment (Narration)15. Think About Your Troubles
7. Think About Your Troubles16. Life Line
8. The Pointed Man (Narration)17. Down To The Valley
9. Life Line


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"The Point is totally unique and full of magic and wonder which children will love. It also contains one of Harry's cleverest songs and one of my all time favourites - Think About Your Troubles. It is also excellently narrated by Harry on CD format."


"The Point was the first album I learned by heart when I was 4 years old. Beautiful story, magical music, and incredible performance by Harry Nilsson and all the other musicians who played on the album!"

--David Clarkson

"My wife, Sandra, and I saw the London premier of The Point at the Mermaid Theatre with Wayne Sleep of the Royal Ballet as Oblio and Bernard Miles (later Sir Bernard Miles) as the King. It was wonderful and made even more wonderful by the fact that we met Harry Nillson in the bar afterwards. He signed our programme (we still have it and the flier for the show). We've just returned from the Edinburgh Festival where we saw an American student production of the show by The Theatre Department of Visitation School and Saint Thomas Academy (that's what it says on the programme!) and Harry would have been proud of them. Great stuff!"

--Brian Hopson

"My father played the point on our old record player when I was 10 in 1980. Im not sure where the record came from, but it really tought me a life lesson that I will always keep with me and enlighten my children."


"I find Nillson's music as soothing now as I did as a child. I feel that no other album (childrens) can explain life and its ups and downs as good as the point."


"My sister Teresa played that record for me when I was about six years old. I fell in love with it. I loved Oblio and Arrow. I am now thirty years old and long to hear the Point again!!!"


"I am so glad I found this, I remember it so vividly from when I was 6 years old. I can't wait to play it for my children."


"I first heard this album when a young merchant seaman on long boring nights in the seventies with no tv or other entertainment.The stereo was our salvation and this album provided much entertainment. If it was listened to in different states of awareness it was quite something ... I no longer have a copy but it is on my 'must get' list for nostalgic reasons. The songs were extraordinary and quite different from that that was on offer at the time. Great stuff!"


"Greatest fans of Harry for past 30 years. Have had one cat called Oblio, one called Harry. Once knitted small outfit for doll for daughter including pointed hat. Now in our 60's eagerly awaiting grandchild to knit pointed hat for, obviously to be called Harry be they boy or girl!"

--Pam 'n' Lol in Rotherham, England

"My dad gave me an audio copy of The Point when I was about 7. I still listen to it in my car 17 years later. It's a timeless, magical story with kick ass songs. Thanks, dad!"


"I was given 'The Point!' album as a gift from my uncle back when I was about eight. I loved it then, and about three years ago I made a CD copy of it for my nephew, and for myself, and I love it even more now. It's true that I now hear and understand much more in the story then when I was little. "He's got a point there!"

It gets better every time I hear it."


" My dad grew up listening to The Point and then one day when my siblings and I were in our teens and on our way to family vacation in our station wagon my dad forced us to listen to it. We groaned and complained, but then when we met our cousins we forced them to listen to it too. They groaned and complained as well but then after several listenings we all began to love little Arrow and Oblio, and our extended family all listen to it time and time again, even now eight years after my Dad's death.

One time when the old audio tape broke, the family walked on eggshells as one of us broke open the plastic casing and used scotch tape to wrap the broken tape. I'll never forget that magic moment after also taping the two plastic sides of the tape back together to see if it worked. We inserted it into our boom box and pressed play. The wheel began to turn and then there it was--those familiar lyrics: "This is the town and these are the people, this is the town where the people all stay....""

--Michael N. Kelsey

"I discovered The Point as a teenager. We would sit around partying and just listen to the story over & over. The Point to me at the time was a story of how society tried to put their views and standards on everyone whereas we just wouldnt listen after all we were teeagers. I still to this day have fond memories of the album, and amazingly enough I still dont conform very well."

--Chaplain Joe

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Artist: Harry Nilsson

Released: March 6, 1970

Availability: CD, Vinyl


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