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Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Billy Altman

Tired of the showboating image that his early live performances had saddled him with--and that his black audience viewed as demeaning and degrading to his musical talent--Hendrix dissolved his Experience in 1969 in search of a more terra-firma-grounded, blues-oriented persona. On New Year's Eve, Hendrix, his old Army buddy bassist Billy Cox, and ex-Electric Flag drummer Buddy Miles performed a loose, jam-filled set at New York's Fillmore East (completists will want the panoramic though uneven Live at the Fillmore East). Released a few months after his New Year's Eve 1970 concert, Band of Gypsys underscored Hendrix's desired return to basics--even if his basic was at a level most guitarists could never attain in a lifetime of playing.

1. Who Knows4. Power To Love
2. Machine Gun5. Message of Love
3. Changes6. We Gotta Live Together


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"Band Of Gypsies simply put could be the greatest live guitar album of all time, as well as the greatest live funk album of all time. This trio is far more cohesive than The Experience ever were. Billy Cox's deep funky basslines and Buddy Miles' assertive thumping drum beats allow Jimi to relax and devote himself soley to the music without having to worry about theatrics. This is a must have album. I do not leave the country without it."

--Kevin Beane

"I totally disagree with the review. I have the 3 Jimi Hendrix Experience Studio albums from the warner brothers days, I also have the Live in Monterey album (also from warner brothers). Those albums are tame compared to the Band of Gypsies album.

The Band of Gypsies album was/is an album that showed Jimi's funkier sound at the time. He, Billy Cox and Buddy Miles changed the face of rock music with the Band of Gypsies, as well as RnB music.

This album is more of a funk/rock album (just listen to solos on Machine Gun, Stop and Power of Soul). The Band of Gypsies album is similar to Funkadelic's Maggot Brain. Most people don't like the Band of Gypsies because it's not the JHE but the JHE and Band of Gypsies are two different groups."

--Badboy23 from New York

"The article was on the nose for me, but one thing quote "Hendricx's desired return to basics- even if his basic was at a level most guitarists could never attain in a lifetime of playing..." Billy had spilled a fact. I still think that no one was on that cloud with him and still to this day no one is. Jimi was a little before his time, but if we didn't have him show up when he did we would never have gottin rid of the do-wop HAHAHA. Yet, keeping in mind that jimi just wanted people to see who he was and what he was made of.It wasn't about him being liked personally, but simple just the music .I may be only 21 but I sure as hell like his music, and I'm not a drugee."

--a fellow gypsy

"Theres just something about the way Hendrix melts the sound of that Strat onto the canvas of Miles and Cox's rhythm during this performace. It's almost like Hendrix is the only guitar player, or performer for that matter, who wasn't actually from this planet. I mean no joke, there is nothing human about this performace. Hendrix is THE guitar player, but Hendrix didn't even play guitar, he played music."

--No Name

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Artist: Jimi Hendrix

Released: April 9, 1970

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (2)

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