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Neil Young - After The Gold Rush RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Steve Knopper

After laboring in Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Neil Young finally hit perfect pitch--if his endearing off-center whine can be called "perfect"--with his third album. He's equally passionate with trippy riddles (has anybody figured out what "We've got mother nature on the run" means in the title track?) and pointed protest (after 30 years of rock-radio overplay, "Southern Man" still rings with truth about redneck racism). His creaky ensemble, including pianist Jack Nitzsche and rotating members of Crazy Horse, transforms ramshackle country and folk songs into soulful hippie hymns.

1. Tell Me Why7. Don't Let It Bring You Down
2. After the Gold Rush8. Birds
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart9. When You Dance You Can Really Love
4. Southern Man10. I Believe in You
5. Till the Morning Comes11. Cripple Creek Ferry
6. Oh, Lonesome Me


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"I would like to comment on your review of "After the Gold Rush." The review is very superficial. It reads like a bad set of liner notes written by a person who does not even care about the album in the first place. "After the Gold Rush" is an amazing collection of songs and a razor sharp observation of modern society. One only needs to look at the growing loss of farmland in America to understand what Neil means when he sings "Look at mother nature on the run." Neil was very aware that urbanization in America is an increasing threat to rural communites and endangers the American landscape itself.

The album has endured throughout the decades because of its sincerity and poignancy. When most convenient songwriters like James Taylor and the Eagles wrote songs that were commercially safe Neil went out on a limb. And though it might not be too safe to climb out on it will reveal a hidden truth in the end. Neil lets you see his ugliness, lets you in to his innermost doubts on love and society, and this makes his music incredibly human. After the Gold Rush is a benchmark for Neil's capabilities. He is one of the only musicians from his era still considered vital and strong. Most rock music is pointless flash and artifice but this record speaks the truth so fluently it hurts."


"The line "Look at mother nature on the run" i feel is Young's way of highlighting the massive technological advances of the time (for example putting a man on the moon) and saying that technology is being used as a weapon to defeat nature so that man can live with fear of her. this is a very negative image he is drawing (contrasted with "a long and hurried flight" in Pocahontas) describing that mother nature is not a 'wicked witch' that we have defeated, but is something (like those native Americans) that we should've tried to live along side. it is more a line of wrongdoing and fear for the future than anything else."


"30 years after its release I was introduced to this album. It seems too seldom these days that an album is best heard if listened to from start to finish. This is certainly one of those albums."


"This is a stupid review, my assignments carry less crap. "we've got nature on the run" refers to the only natural resources are being used and that's all we have left, and within the war this represents the un-humane acts that are being committed and even today this is relevant, with so many world wars about to errupt, maybe we should all turn to these war protest songs again to remind us of our mistakes that the world has already made, without having to experience them again."

--claire-why do i need a nick name

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Artist: Neil Young

Released: August 28, 1970

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (2)

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