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Chicago - At Carnegie Hall Click here to see this CD at!

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1. In The Country17. Flight 602
2. Fancy Colours18. Motorboat To Mars
3. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Free Form Intro)19. Free
4. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?20. Where Do We Go From Here
5. South California Purples21. I Don't Want Your Money
6. Questions 67 And 6822. Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home
7. Sing A Mean Tune Kid23. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: Make Me Smile
8. Beginnings24. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: So Much To Say, So Much To Give
9. It Better End Soon-1st Movement25. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: Anxiety's Moment
10. It Better End Soon-2nd Movement26. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: West Virginia Fantasies
11. It Better End Soon-3rd Movement27. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: Colour My World
12. It Better End Soon-4th Movement28. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: To Be Free
13. It Better End Soon-5th Movement29. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: Now More Than Ever
14. Introduction30. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: A Song For Richard And His Friends
15. Mother31. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: 25 Or 6 To 4
16. Lowdown32. Ballet For, A Girl In Buchannon: I'm A Man


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"Far & away the best Chicago recording ever. I played the grooves down to nothing on the original 4 album set. This was recorded at a time when pop bands were experimenting with horns.

Chicago was at their peak as far as musicianship goes. They had more success years later with a much softer sound, but this really showcases the late great Terry Kath on guitar. He passed away shortly after this album was released. It makes me think what direction they would have taken if he were still alive?"

--Slim Zim

"This is by far one of the GREAT all time live albums. The music was impeccably reproduced, with enough improvisation to give one a taste of Chicago's true talents. When listening to this album, one gets the feeling that the audience and musicians really clicked during this concert. Chicago was one of the only musical groups to be able to successfully mix together an acid-rock guitarist (We all deeply miss you Terry), a ballad playing pianist, a bassist with a flare for pop, and a jazzy horn section. Their music spoke to a generation, touching our hearts and souls with songs of love, life, and diversity.

We could all learn from the music they produced."

--Lord Svenn

"Ah, man, what a great album(s). Some discredit it saying it was too long or the band finally over did it after 3 double albums in a row and now a 4 disc one. But I belive it caught the band at the ultimate height. They were still on point as far as youthfullness and ambition (obviously, 4 albums) and the songs are all great. Really catches the moment of that time in Chicago era. They would later become a more pop oriented band and rarely "went off" as they did in their early career. Only one question. WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE RELEASED ON RHINO??? They re-released I, II, III, V, VI and so on. They skipped this one and I cannot figure out or find out why. Rhino said they would in early 2003 but yet no word. We can only hope they do because this album is a milestone in rock and roll for being one of the most ambitios and awesome sounding bands. See ya at the next casino show ;)"


"This is really the best of Chicago !! They where the best .. very talented musicians."


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Artist: Chicago

Released: November 5, 1971

Availability: CD, Vinyl


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