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Neil Diamond - Moods RIAA Certified Gold! Click here to see this CD at!

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1. Song Sung Blue7. Walk on Water
2. Porcupine Pie8. Theme
3. High Rolling Man9. Prelude in E Major
4. Canta Libre10. Morningside
5. Gitchy Goomy11. Captain Sunshine
6. Play Me


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"This album is considered by many to be one of Neil's last critical hurrahs. According to Rich Wiseman's Diamond biography, Neil himself would frequently compare later albums to this one and remark, "well, it's no 'Moods'. "

Moods featurs Neil in his prime. His "Song Sung Blue" went on to become his biggest selling single of all time. Many people don't know that the catchy melody from "Song Sung Blue" is actually Mozart's piano concerto #21 (which Diamond finally owned up to years later).

Diamond penned all the tracks on this CD which was not always the case in later releases. Many of the songs emerged as hits, including "Play Me" and "Morningside. " remember that Neil Diamond was one of pop's great songwriters long before he "made it" as a recording artist (He wrote the Monkee's "I'm a Believer" among scores of other hits).

It's interesting that Diamond could squeeze so much mileage out of his formula: a deep, virile voice with enough conviction to shake the Earth itself, obtuse lyrics that somehow make you feel that he's saying something really, really deep but only YOU get it, Amazing-hook-heavy melodies with perfect chord progressions and hyper-ventilated string orchestrations that make "The English Patient" sound like a cartoon. He perfected that formula and, on this album, it is at its peak.

This was Neil Diamond at his peak as well; as a songwriter, a singer and a showman. This was released the same year that Diamond made his triumphant, multi-night concert stand at the famed Greek Theater in Los Angeles. That series of shows resulted in what is still arguably considered one of the best live albums of all time, "Hot August Night. " This album, "Moods" shows us why Diamond became- and still is, really- such a huge star.

The songs are cool in that "don't tell anybody I'm listening" vein, the arrangements will have you drenched in tears from their emotional complexity- courtesy of genious arranger, Lee Holdridge- and the vibe here is pure Super70s singer-songwriter.

Go ahead, buy it and listen to what music SHOULD sound like if we all weren't so concerned about looking cool and liking faceless bands that don't know the difference between bobbing their heads on stage and PERFORMING. Moods is it, baby."

--Singer Guy.

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Artist: Neil Diamond

Released: August 23, 1972

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Gold

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