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Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power Click here to see this CD at!

By Jeff Bateman

Iggy's torturous, red-lined remix puts the claws, violence, and danger back in grooves first cut in '73 (and supposedly botched in David Bowie's far more tame--and somewhat more listenable--original mix). Result: Sublime Motor City mayhem.

1. Search And Destroy5. Raw Power
2. Gimme Danger6. I Need Somebody
3. Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (Originally titled 'Hard To Beat')7. Shake Appeal
4. Penetration8. Death Trip


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"I haven't heard the remix of Raw Power yet but I've always been very fond of the original mix. If I bought every remix of every great album... although, the remix of the Allman Brothers live at the Fillmore was worth the bucks. I think it would be nearly impossible to improve on the original Raw Power mix. The original is somewhat tinny,raw, and very satisfying to me, ala AC/DC's Let There Be Rock/If You Want Blood You Got It. I never play the album with anything less than the full vengence of my 600 watt per channel bi-amped machine of evil. Same goes for Beethoven. Raw Power is, for me, the quinessential punk album. True music from hell!"


"If you took Alice Cooper, David Bowie, and The Sex Pistols and mashed them all in one, you get Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Raw Power is still the greatest masterpiece of glam-punk. Although, Iggy and his Stooges have been trying to make a come-back for quite a while (and failing horribly), this album still stands out one of the first in style of music. It was a gemstone in the history of punk, but a major blow to types of music that actually require talent. [Editor's note: I hope that last comment is original because I loved it!]"

--Mr. Afro

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Artist: Iggy & The Stooges

Released: July 16, 1973

Availability: CD, Vinyl


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