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Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets Click here to see this CD at!

By Gene Booth

In 1973, fed up with Bryan Ferry's domineering in Roxy Music, Eno leapt into a solo career that would find him championing the "art" in "artifice." This record is a who's who of the then-burgeoning English art-rock scene, featuring Robert Wyatt, Robert Fripp, and every member of Roxy Music except its leader (thus answering the musical question, "What if Eno had helmed the third Roxy record instead of Ferry?"). Warm Jets sports a lightheartedness that was a refreshing antidote to the pomposity of Yes and ELP on the dark side of art-rock's spectrum, with nonsensical, sound-based couplets such as "Oh headless chicken / How can those teeth stand so much kicking?" This debut is a milestone not just for Eno, but for all rocking music. Listen to Fripp's furious guitars on "Baby's On Fire" and "Blank Frank." It's incredible, Velvet Underground-inspired rock in a scene that had forgotten what rocking meant.

1. Needle in the Camel's Eye6. On Some Faraway Beach
2. Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch7. Blank Frank
3. Baby's on Fire8. Dead Finks Don't Talk
4. Cindy Tells Me9. Some of Them Are Old
5. Driving Me Backwards10. Here Come the Warm Jets


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"The title "Here Come the Warm Jets" has been interpreted by some enthusiasts as a reference to urination...which may or may not be true, depending upon where your mind is at any given moment. Eno himself claimed that the guitar sound on that particular tune reminded him of a jet airplane whirring away. Interesting set of images and concepts on this album, technically not the 1st solo album from ENO, "No Pussyfooting" w/Fripp being the first, but delayed release. At any rate, it's a kind of "proto-punk"/glam effort, with manic guitars, icy lyrics, driving rhythms, and classic Eno high-pitched singing (not too many of his albums include so much SINGING!!) One song actually includes a poke at his former bandmate Brian Ferry, which probably didn't go over too well w/the latter. At any rate, from accounts of the history of Roxy Music during this time, Ferry probably deserved all the criticism from Eno. Check out the backwards guitar on "Driving me Backwards/Forwards"!"

--Matt George

"I bought this album when I was 13, influenced by my love of David Bowie. I know it back to front, but. I put it on tonight for the first time in ages and I can't believe how much I love it, how excited I am getting listening to it now. I have been guilty of taking particular tracks and playing them over and over (the title track, Baby's on Fire and Needles in the Camel's Eye mostly) and neglecting the rest of the album.

I had never really noticed how brilliantly sequenced the album is, how perfectly each song feeds into the next. There are sounds on this album that were unusual to me back when I was a kid in the early 90's, and that must have been unusual back in 74 - but they're still weird, still sonically unique. Not many artists would put slashing guitars so high in the mix on a song as perfect as Cindy Tells Me, but it pays off; the wonky pianos on Driving Me Backwards are genuinely eerie; Blank Frank is a riot, Dead Finks Don't Talk like a mini-opera and Here Come the Warm Jets a simple, beautiful experiment in which the vocals are buried so deep into the mix it's almost as if they are a mistake, layered over like the Mona Lisa's original grimace.

I've listened to this album twice through tonight for the first time in a long time, and I can't wait to put it on for a third time!"


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Artist: Brian Eno

Released: January 20, 1974

Availability: CD, Vinyl


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