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Chicago - VII RIAA Certified Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

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1. Prelude to Aire9. Mongonucleosis
2. Aire10. Song of the Evergreens
3. Devil's Sweet11. Byblos
4. Italian from New York12. Wishing You Were Here
5. Hanky Panky13. Call on Me
6. Life Saver14. Women Don't Want to Love Me
7. Happy Man15. Skinny Boy
8. (I've Been) Searchin' So Long16. Byblos [#] [*]


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"To think that this is the same band to do the theme song for Karate Kid II is just baffeling. This has got to be the coolest pop-rock album of '74. This is obviously before they were worried about pleasing the whole world. It's got it's cheesey love ballads, sure, but on a musical level they're about 20 times more interesting than "You're The Inspiration", especially "Wishing You Were Here". What I think is especially cool is the first half of the album which is soaked in jazz and progressive elements and for the most part instrumental. Who, I ask, in this day and age would have the balls to open up a pop album with 5 progressive jazz-fusion instrumentals? For that matter, what fat brain-polluted record executive would let someone do it? This was recorded in a time when bands cared about more than sales and would actually follow their own musical instincts, 1974. That was 3 years before I was born. It depresses me, the current state of music industry. It (along with film, TV and Internet) is all owned by like 2 corporations and every year music on the radio becomes more target-marketed and ultimately homoginized. It's the natural order for a homoginized eco-system to die off rather quickly. Save music and dig a little deeper than the current pop charts for good music because you probably won't find it there. OK, I'm done. Sorry. [Editor's note: I recently read a review of a jazz record from the mid 1950s that had many of the same criticisms. I'm betting people will complain in the same way in the year 2020. As for the Internet, this site is owned soley by me and not some faceless corporation and there are tens of thousands of artist who can cheaply release their music on the 'Net without worrying about what some music executive thinks. There has never been more diverse musical material available to the public than today, despite Polygram and Time Warner's worst efforts. OK, I'm done. ;) ]"


"Chicago was at or near their peak with this album which combined music that had commercial appeal, and cutting edge jazz fusion. There was also brilliant synthesizer work, check out 'Italian from New York'.This was a band that rarely had their best work on the radio. Devil's sweet is a roller coaster ride that starts quietly and builds to screaming synthesizer riffs, and Danny Seraphine's best studio drum solo.Anyone who grew up in the '70s would know 'call on me', 'searchin' so long', and 'wishing you were here'. But the rest of the album keeps with or exceeds these hits in terms of musicality, quality and listenability.

Hey, I bought this record in 1974, and I still play it. When people say they don't make 'em like they used to, well they must have been talking about this record. A real snapshot of the times, and a signpost of my own personal adolescence struggling to be an adult. This sounds as good today as the day I bought it. Why did these guys become a ballad band, and stop doing what made them popular? I wish I knew what happened."


"Absolutely one of the best albums ever. My best friend gave this album to me as a birthday present in 1977, I think. Hearing the artistry of the instrumental numbers was a riveting, defining moment for my life. I am in the music business today and Chicago's music/creativity runs through so much of what I do. But of all, VII was the music that set me on my course."


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Artist: Chicago

Released: March 21, 1974

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum

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