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Aerosmith - Rocks RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Rickey Wright

They'd soon crash, and hard, thanks to their own excesses. But Rocks captures Aerosmith at a crazily driven peak of creativity; anyone who heard it and continued to dismiss them as mere Stones clones was just being willful. This is blues rock cranked up to Super70s stadium level, the sound of the Trans Am, or maybe the Porsches several of these guys (surprisingly) remember driving. The psychic battering they would succumb to on the next year's Draw the Line is foreshadowed in Joe Perry's "Combination," but he and Steven Tyler also celebrate the rock-star mythos on "Lick and a Promise." The party-fueled tension, the tension-fueled party.

1. Back in the Saddle6. Nobody's Fault
2. Last Child7. Get the Lead Out
3. Rats in the Cellar8. Lick and a Promise
4. Combination9. Home Tonight
5. Sick as a Dog


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"Rocks is in my opinion the best album Aerosmith has ever done, even though it didn't have huge hit singles like 'Walk This Way' and 'Sweet Emotion' but it has classic cuts like 'Back in the Saddle', 'Last Child', 'Combination', 'Sick as a Dog' and Nobody's Fault, Rocks is everything what the title says, I just wish that Aerosmith can still play the music they did in the mid-Super70's.

Oh well, at least now that they're clean and sober."


"One of the greatest albums of the era, without a doubt. Too bad they can't get get some of the grit back in the mix these days. Dark, manic, heavy blues rock at its finest."


"This was the hard rock record of the Super70s. The trend of heavier music moved into a slower moodier style during this time. Then out came "ROCKS" kicking and screaming its way on almost every teenagers turntables that spring. Though the lyrics certainly had nothing to do with punk, the reckless energy here had a "shove this up yours attitude" to the record companies and radio stations. There are no hit singles on this masterpiece. It absolutely blew away the competition that year."


"Rocks is my favorite Aerosmith "album" to date. Raw, wild and seductive - the only good thing that drugs did for they boys! I fell in love with them at 16 and am now 40 (ugh!!). Thank God we all survived the Super70s and Awesome80s!"


"This album was to me then and now a powerful musical drug. The album in its summation kicked ass then and now period. Of course had the posters of Aerosmith and pull out pages of Steven Tyler from the Super70s rock magazines like "Super Rock" etc. The Rocks album was one of the rare albums that could/would instantly put me into the front row of an Aerosmith concert when, with my ear against the big old style stereo/record player from that era, one could easily visualize the band on stage - especially with songs like "Sick As A Dog" Combination" "Get The Lead Out"& "Home Tonight". "Rocks" truly was THE album that inspired me to become a musician by firing my imagination and rockin'my world, growin' up in the magical Super70s! (Wouldn't have been as fun, without Aerosmith and their "Rocks" album!)"

--Uncle Tom

"When I was 20 years old, I was a big fan of aerosmith. I have listened to all their albums hundreds of times but their best album is by far is 1976`Rocks". It is a shame that wonderful and so powerful songs like combination and lick and a promise have always been overshadowed by walk this way or sweet emotion. Rocks is the most effective hard rock album that I have ever listened and it is so much more amazing and beautiful than pump and toys in the attic. "


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Artist: Aerosmith

Released: May 21, 1976

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (3)

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