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Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Sam Sutherland

Lanky Texan neo-soul crooner and underrated guitar warrior Boz Scaggs was a Steve Miller Band alumnus who jumped ship to probe silky R&B instead of gritty blues, the Miller Band's original milieu, and each of his early '70s solo albums polished the mix toward this triumphant zenith. Hindsight too often devalues Silk Degrees for its snug fit with the disco aesthetic that prevailed upon its mid-'70s release, and the style's rhythmic signatures do bubble up significantly, particularly on the best-known track, "Lowdown," which can't help but risk museum-piece status if only for its ubiquity on the radio. Yet Scaggs's lyric intelligence and the skintight playing of a studio band built around what would soon become Toto (!) makes this a modern classic, as noteworthy for its ballads ("We're All Alone," "Harbor Lights") as for its workouts ("Georgia," "Lido Shuffle"), and a typically smart cover choice in a great version of Allen Toussaint's "What Do You Want The Girl to Do."

1. What Can I Say6. Lowdown
2. Georgia7. It's Over
3. Jump Street8. Love Me Tomorrow
4. What Do You Want The Girl To Do9. Lido Shuffle
5. Harbor Lights10. We're All Alone


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"I am a guitar player of almost 30 yrs. I've listened to and played rock, country, even some jazz. For many years have played in contemporary Christian groups with flavors of all these BUT with regard to a faovrite album to listen to, at 41 years of age, I keep coming back to this recording. It is awesome. As much as I love and pay attention to guitar work and vocals (both unique on this album, thanks to Boz), I have always been quite impressed with the creative basswork on this album. Who is that guy? Back to the guitar work, for years (until the internet) I never even knew Boz did a buch of the super guitar work. When I found he was an ex-Steve Miller Band member, I was surprised. I've listened to that stuff a lot too over the years and I loved it, but I'd have never put Boz in that mix, based on Silk Degrees and a few of his other hits. Nice write up; very interesting. Some of Boz's group became Toto? Whoa, don't think I knew that either."


"This is one my favorite albums, I like every song on it. The song I could do w/out is Jump Street. Other than that, it's one of the smoothest-sounding albums out there. "Toto" really backed him up well on it."


"Boz Scaggs certainly deserves alot more credit for Super70s pop rock than he has been given. He has a unique sound, and goes down into the hall of rock and roll hall of fame. Everyone of Silk Degrees songs is a pure hit, a classic album/cd."


"I always liked the drumming of the late Jeff Porcaro on this record, as well as some of the other fine musicians that would later become the group Toto."


""Once the story's told, it can't help but grow old."
Is there any lyric more bittersweet?"


"Absolutely the best! Habor Lights is my all time favorite song forever and ever."


"Back in the lazy days of '76 , I listened to "Silk Degrees". It blew me away. It has become one of my all-time classic albums and I even named my daughter in honour of the great track "Georgia"."

--Man Utd Mrs

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Artist: Boz Scaggs

Released: May 31, 1976

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (6)

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