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Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings At The Speed Of Sound RIAA Certified Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Jerry McCulley

This is the album that inspired the old joke, "Q: When did Paul McCartney write 'Silly Love Songs?' A: 1976 'til now." Released on the eve of McCartney's triumphant American tour, it enjoyed a long stay at the top of the charts, thanks to the tour hype and the success of the aforementioned single and its cousin, the equally innocuous, if ever more infectious, "Let 'Em In." But it was a tepid success at best, especially on the promising heels of Band on the Run and Venus and Mars. Even a great, unheralded McCartney rocker, "Beware My Love" can't rescue the remainder from Paul's sometimes maddening affection for syrupy sentiment and sonic treacle. The three bonus cuts here are arguably better than most of the album cuts: the charming instrumentals "Walking in the Park with Eloise" (penned by Paul's dad) and "Bridge on the River Suite" were originally credited to the Country Hams (featuring McCartney teamed with Nashville legends Chet Atkins and Floyd Cramer), while "Sally G" was the country-fied B-side to "Junior's Farm."

1. Let 'Em In8. Time To Hide
2. The Note You Never Wrote9. Must Do Something About It
3. She's My Baby10. San Ferry Anne
4. Beware My Love11. Warm And Beautiful
5. Wino Junko12. Walking In The Park With Eloise
6. Silly Love Songs13. Bridge On The River Suite
7. Cook Of The House14. Sally G


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"This album contains "Warm And Beautiful", one of McCartney's finest songs ever. "She's My Baby" and "Beware My Love" are must-haves as well. The album is patchy and I don't know if there's much interest in other Wings members' compositions, but it is certainly worth owning. After all, that programming feature on your CD player can vastly improve this album."


"With Paul McCartney getting ready to release the Wingspan Anthology it maybe me remember the first time I ever heard Wings. Wings at the Speed of Sound was my first Paul McCartney & Wings album. I have been a huge fan of Paul McCartney;s work ever since. When I was ten and my father had bought the album. My siblings & I were amazed that our dad would buy something so cool (remember this was the Super70s and parents weren't cool back then). Overall the album in my opinion holds up well. The songs still sound fresh today. Two of the songs (Warm & Beautiful & She's my Baby) show up on his Working Classical cd and they sound great as classical compositions. To this day Silly Love Songs is still one my favorites songs. This album shows what Paul McCartney does best write great pop songs. And yes I still have the album."


"This Wings album is worst than Venus and Mars and, of course, Band on The Run. But the band, in 1976, pass a good time: Wings over America demostrate the good moment of McCartney's group on stage."

--Federico Navarro

"The Denny Laine track is the best one on this album-THE NOTE YOU NEVER WROTE. It is a haunting piece that in my ears,stands out from the rest of those tracks."


"This was the first LP I ever bought -- and I still like listening to it, probably half because the music is good and half it reminds me of my youth."


"It was the first McCartney LP I owned, so it has a special vibe, The tracks that still hold up today for me are Beware My Love and Silly Love Songs. Say what you want about Silly Loves Songs but few bass players can play that rubbery lick like Paul still can."


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Artist: Paul McCartney

Released: March 25, 1976

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum

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