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Jackson Browne - Running on Empty RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Jaan Uhelszki

Recorded onstage, backstage, in three different hotel rooms, and on a Continental Silver Eagle tour bus during a cross-country 1977 tour, Running on Empty is a paean to life on the road. Jackson Browne's sense of camaraderie extended to the road crew, if "The Load Out," a love song to his roadies, is to be believed. Browne is much more blithe here than in his earlier outings. But Empty also represents a fleeting lighthearted moment for the singer-cum-poet whose concerns became more political than personal after its appearance. Beneath its flippant surface, this disc is a look at the lengths Browne and his friends went to avoid facing the demands of the touring life. What with the frequent drug references, misogynistic references to on-the-fly pairings with women, and the sobering line in the title track--"I look around for the friends I used to pull me through / Looking into their eyes, I see them running, too"--one realizes that Browne was much more comfortable on the road than off.

1. Running On Empty6. Shaky Town
2. The Road7. Love Needs A Heart
3. Rosie8. Nothing But Time
4. You Love The Thunder9. The Load-Out
5. Cocaine10. Stay


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"Running On Empty was Jackson's appropriately titled last worthwhile album. After that he ran out of Ideas and focus. That being said....his first five were masterpieces of poetry and the times. That makes it all the more sad that his sixth album, "Hold Out", could just as easily have been named, "Sold Out". His subsequent lack of cohesion and ideas remains an enigma to this reviewer."

--Buffalo Bob

"What individual or group has ever made a live album of all new material that was as successful in both a comercial and artistic sense. Seemless and totally anthemic."


"A great album from the Super70s, and one of my favorite Browne albums. 'Running on Empty' and his rewritten version of the Zodiacs' 'Stay' are still staples on classic pop radio. I also dig 'The Road' - a song about the ups and downs and lonely hotel rooms on tour, and 'Rosie' - a slow piano-only song in which the lyrics intially confused me. He doesn't get the girl in the song, so who is Rosie? I was a bit disenchanted when I found out later the song was about his 'hand' and can figure out the rest from the lyrics - "Rosie you're alright/you wear my ring/when you hold me tight/Rosie that's my thing/when you turn out the light, I got to hand it to me/Looks like it's me and you again tonight/Rosie".

"Love Needs A Heart" is a laid back, almost country-ish song, which finds Jackson contemplating whether he can find a heart "like mine". The somewhat sad lyric, "love don't come near me/she don't even hear me/she walks by my vacancy sign", always sticks out at me. Oh well - I guess he still has Rosie.

All in all, a great rock/pop album with not much filler that captures the energy of the band performing live, as well as songs recorded on the bus and in hotels."

--Joe B

"Just a wonderful album from start to finish. I still listen to it regularly and get as much or more enjoyment from it now as a 43 year old as I did when I was 16, compared to many of those throway albums from that period. It recently occured to me though that "Rosie" is about masturbation, as in Rosie palm and her five sisters. Listen to the lyrics: "You wear my ring", "I've got to hand it to me", a resigned "looks like its me and you again tonight". Well, I just did a web search on ["jackson browne" + masturbation + rosie] and found out its not a very original theory and he confirmed it himself in an interview anyway. Oh well."


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Artist: Jackson Browne

Released: November 30, 1977

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (5)

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