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Stevie Wonder - The Secret Life Of Plants Click here to see this CD at!

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1. Earth's Creation11. Send One Your Love -
2. First Garden12. Outside My Window
3. Voyage to India13. Black Orchid
4. Same Old Story14. Ecclesiastes
5. Venus' Flytrap and the Bug15. Kesse Ye Lolo de Ye
6. Ai No, Sono16. Come Back as a Flower
7. Seasons17. Seed's a Star/Tree Medley
8. Power Flower18. Secret Life of Plants
9. Send One Your Love19. Tree
10. Race Babbling -20. Finale


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"This album was absolutely a masterpiece. It did not get great reviews, when it first came out. It was definitely different, with all the haunting instrumentals as well as songs dedicated to plants, in a metaphor perspective. Songs like "Black Orchid" and "Come Back As a Flower" bring me to tears at times. To me, this is Stevie's best work. I will never tire of hearing it. "Black Orchid" should be the theme song for all the hatred going on the world right now, because it talks about love. Oh, it gives me goosebumps. Thanks Stevie for the one of the greatest albums of our time."


"This album never had the recognition it deserved probably because of the tital. This album taken as a creative piece of work is remarkable. The innovation in vocal and musical technique is genius. This album changed my whole outlook on life, through the eyes of this blind man I saw the beauty and 'wonderment' of our earth and the plant life we so take for granted. One musical theme and one message flows through the tracks on this album, 'the secret life of plants' they don't need us but we cannot exist without them."


"This album is a true classic! It is also thought provoking with intuitive and spiritual connections toward plants. Some of the songs present life from the plants perspective, while others remind us that we (people) are also an important part of the shaping of the world.

Listen to it soft and enter a peaceful space, or listen to it loud and be invigorated. True that!"


"This is the apex of Stevie's Super70s work. Although at the time of it's release and even now today, it is light years ahead of its time, and still over-looked and also out of print in the U.S. If you trace the progression of stevie's music starting from Talking Book, Innervisions, First Finale, and Songs in the Key of Life, Plants was the next logical step. I think because of the nature of the record, the instrumentals, and the other worldly concept, many fans were turned off. The opening songs: earth creation, the first garden, and voyage to india are masterpieces, and the interlocking of all the songs is the most concrete concept album I've ever heard. "Send one your love" is the only song that made it to mainstream on this one. Highly Recommended."


"A Unique Epression of music. It needs to be re-released. Excellent listening for relaxion or over dinner.

Stevies different styles of music can be appreciated by every culture, age or race. "Ful" should be at the end of his name Wonder."


"A terrible movie with some of Stevie Wonder's greatest ballads!

Picture Stevie walking blindly through acres of sunflowers... but watch it, just for the music! Better yet, get the cd and skip the video."


"This truly reflects the creativity of Stevie Wonder. This is wonderfully strange recording. Plants themselves could not produce better music."


"Stevie Wonder is to The Sectret Life of Plants as Beethoven was to his Symphony #9. The former to have composed this gorgeous music to video images he could not physically see, the latter to have composed a symphonic masterpiece he could not physically hear! This is the manifestation of true genius, folks."


"I am a huge Stevie fan, and I believe this to be his very best album----despite its ridiculously poor sales figures. The song "Send One Your Love" was the music of my courtship. Now it's 19 years later and we're still going strong, and Stevie is still playing on our stereo!"


"To have a respect for this album is to love music and all of it's creative Wonders. This album is one of the best albums of all times. Never has art truly imated reality until this masterpiece. It is simply moving. I have been trying to get my hands on this album for a while. I first came across this album my junior year of college, which was twelve years ago. It is still apart of me. Do yourself a favor, if you have it, stop and truly listen to the lyrics, there are none better. This is about as good as it gets"


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Artist: Stevie Wonder

Released: October 30, 1979

Availability: CD, Vinyl


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