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Greatest Hits (1974-78)
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Released: 1978

Label: Capitol


Awards: Gold Multi-Platinum (8)

Art courtesy of Capitol

Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits (1974-78) RIAA Gold Album Award RIAA Multi-Platinum Album Award (8) Click here to see this CD at!

Greatest-hits collections often deprive the listener of the chance to experience an artist's true scope of talent. Not so with Steve Miller--his strength has always been more in crafting an occasional blast of FM-radio heaven rather than a dozen solid album tracks. Greatest Hits 1974-78 chronicles the best singles from Miller's most successful years, after he veered from Haight-Ashbury bluesy trippiness to more accessible blues-based pop-rock. There are the slippery grooves of "The Joker" and "Fly Like an Eagle," and there's the air-guitar-beckoning riff rock of "Take the Money and Run," "Jungle Love," "Rock n'Me," and "Jet Airliner." Don't expect groundbreaking art, expect references to the "pompatus of love" and instant gratification. Requisite listening at the classic-rock keg party. --Neal Weiss

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