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SLA: Patricia Soltysik

By Patrick Mondout

Patricia Soltysik grew up in Goleta, a suburb of Los Angeles, the daughter of a pharmacist. She was the student body treasurer of her high school. She later became a member of the terrorist group the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and died with five other members during a 1974 shootout with police.

Soltysik moved to Berkeley and happened to move upstairs from one Camilla Hall. The two became lovers and when the relationship came to an end, Camilla set out to Europe to recompose herself.

It was a nearly a year before they saw each other again and became members of the SLA. It is from Camilla that she got the nickname "Mizmoon."

Her brother Fred Soltysik wrote a book called "In Search of a Sister" in 1976, trying to make sense of her wasted life. He tells of how, after hearing that she has dropped out of Berkeley, he told her that women without degrees get lousy jobs. One line in her reply stuck out to him: "Sisters, none of us are free until we are all free."

Hibernia Bank...

Patty Soltysik (bottom) getting away with the loot in the April 15, 1974 Hibernia Bank robbery as Donald DeFreeze and Patty Hearst look on.

FBI photo.




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