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1975 Topps MiniBaseball

By Patrick Mondout

Topps issued a test set of all 660 cards in the '75 Topps set but, as its name implies, at a reduced size (2 by 3⅛, or about 20% smaller). The cards were distributed in wax packs predominately in Michigan and California1 and production was limited; there are an estimated five regular sized cards for each mini.

With the colorful Topps set on which it was based full of great rookies, this scarce test version was easily the most popular set of the decade. It has sold at nearly twice the regular set's price for most of its existence.

However popular it became is subsequent years, it apparently was not seen as a success by Topps as they abandoned the format. The economics of cardmaking had changed as evidenced by the disappearance of meaningful wax pack inserts and the yearly rise in the cost of a pack. It is possible that Topps merely wanted to see if it could get away with shrinking the standard size of a card even further, having last set the standard with a reduced card size in 1957.2

A checklist for all 660 cards is available here.

1975 Topps at a Glance
All-Stars Checklist All-Star Rookies
Highlights ALCS Rookies
MVPs Teams League Leaders


1. That was the intention. Once cards are in the hands of candy wholesalers, they can end up just about anywhere.

2. The '57 Topps cards were what we call standard sized at 2 x 3. Prior Topps and Bowman cards of the 1950s had been larger.



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Year: 1975

Manufacturer: Topps

# of Cards: 660 (Checklist)

Value/Price: Check eBay (see links below)

Size: 2 x 3⅛

Image courtesy of Topps

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