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1978 Baseball Cards

By Patrick Mondout

Here's our look at the major sets of baseball cards for 1978. We have a separate page for '78 Topps and pages of checklists for 1978 Topps, 1978 Hostess, and 1978 Kellogg's 3D Super Stars.

1978 Cards at a Glance
Our coverage of the Hostess set is here.
Kellogg's 1978 release featured 57 3D cards. You could buy 150 or so boxes of their cereal and hope for the best or you could buy a few boxes and send their box-tops to Kellogg's along with a check and get the whole set in the mail. I tried the former but only made it five boxes in before football season (and still managed to draw two Lenny Randles instead of the coveted Eddie Murray rookie). 

A checklist for this set is here. A brief description of the Kellogg's 3D cards is here.

MSA discs for 1978 included Papa Gino's, Pepsi, Big T/Tastee Freeze and Saga.

Learn more about MSA discs on our 1976 page.

O-Pee-Chee released a 242 card Canadian subset of Topps 726 card set, with their usual and understandable emphasis on the Expos and Blue Jays (those two are the only teams whose managers have cards in this set). The cards are virtually identical  to the Topps issue - especially the fronts (which is why I chose to picture a wax box instead of a card). The backs are similar, but viva la difference! They are printed with both French and English on white card stock (making them easier to read in any language) and the feature the poorly designed O-Pee-Chee logo. A checklist for this set is here.

Minor league sets for 1978 included the Arkansas Travelers (Leon Durham, Tommy Herr), Knoxville Knox Sox (Harold Baines, Tony Larussa, and Rich Dotson), Burlington Bees (Kevin Bass), Appleton Foxes (LaMarr Hoyt), Columbus Clippers (Mike Easler), Tidewater Tides (Mike Scott), Syracuse Chiefs (Danny Ainge), Richmond Braves (Glenn Hubbard), Cedar Rapids Giants (Chili Davis), Greenwood Braves (Rafael Ramirez), and the Dunedin Blue Jays (Jesse Barfield). With TCMA print runs estimated to be at a 1000 per set, these sets range from easy to find for under $5 to impossible to find.

Cramer also issued minor league sets in this period and produced an Albuquerque Dukes set that featured Pedro Guerrero, Bob Welch and Rick Sutcliffe.  

Read more about the classic '78 Topps set here.
Topps produced a set of four regional sets of 22 cards each for distribution in Burger King restaurants. The Detroit set is highly thought of by collectors. Read more about these cards here.

Topps Zest Soap: A five card set of bilingual (English/Spanish) cards produced for Zest featuring Latino players. The set was apparently marketed in areas with a high percentage of  Spanish-speaking residents in the U.S. on boxes of Zest Soap as a mail-in offer. The players are Joaquin Andujar, Bert Camparneris, Ed Figueroa, Many Mota, and Willie Montanez (whose card features a different picture than on his regular Topps card). Otherwise, the cards are identical to '78 Topps save for the card numbers and MLB logos instead of the Play Ball game on the back. These cards are neither valuable nor easy to find.


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