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1974 Draft

By Patrick Mondout

Grading a team's performance in a draft is always subjective, but there is one aspect of the 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers draft that is both indisputable and objective: They are the only team in the history of the NFL to draft more than two future Hall of Famers in one draft. In fact, few teams have been fortunate enough to draft as many as two (the '65 Chicago Bears, for example, managed to draft both LB Dick Butkis and RB Gale Sayers).

The first round selection for the Steelers in 1974 was future Super Bowl MVP Lynn Swann. Their second round selection was LB Jack Lambert. They picked up WR John Stallworth in round 4 and C Mike Webster in round 5.

The Steelers were not the only team to find a future Canton inductee. The Raiders selected tight end Dave Casper in the 2nd round (45th overall) - the sixth TE selected.

It's tempting to think the Steelers just got lucky in 1974, but the fact is that they became one of those rare teams to select multiple future Hall of Famers in 1970 as well (Terry Bradshaw and Mel Blount). In fact, between 1969 and 1975, the Steelers selected at least one future Hall member in every draft except 1973 and nine overall!

Below is the first round of the 1974 NFL draft. We also have the entire 17 round draft.

# Team Player Pos School
1 Dallas Cowboys1 Ed Jones DE Tennessee State
2 San Diego Chargers Bo Matthews RB Colorado
3 New York Giants John Hicks OL Ohio State
4 Chicago Bears Waymond Bryant LB Tennessee State
5 Baltimore Colts John Dutton DE Nebraska
6 New York Jets Carl Barzilauskas DT Indiana
7 St. Louis Cardinals J.V. Cain TE Colorado
8 Detroit Lions2 Ed O'Neil LB Penn State
9 San Francisco 49ers3 Wilbur Jackson RB Alabama
10 San Francisco 49ers Bill Sandifer DT UCLA
11 Los Angeles Rams4 John Cappelletti RB Penn State
12 Green Bay Packers Barty Smith FB Richmond
13 New Orleans Saints5 Rick Middleton LB Ohio State
14 Denver Broncos Randy Gradishar LB Ohio State
15 San Diego Chargers6 Don Goode LB Kansas
16 Kansas City Chiefs Woody Green RB Arizona State
17 Minnesota Vikings7 Fred McNeill LB UCLA
18 Buffalo Bills Reuben Gant TE Oklahoma State
19 Oakland Raiders Henry Lawrence OL Florida A&M
20 Chicago Bears8 Dave Gallagher DE Michigan
21 Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swann WR U Southern Cal
22 Dallas Cowboys Charles Young RB North Carolina State
23 Cincinnati Bengals Bill Kollar DT Montana State
24 Baltimore Colts9 Roger Carr WR Louisiana Tech
25 Minnesota Vikings Steve Riley OL U Southern Cal
26 Miami Dolphins Don Reese DE Jackson State

1 - Acquired from Houston Oilers
2 - Acquired from New Orleans Saints
3 - Acquired from New England Patriots
4 - Acquired from Philadelphia Eagles
5 - Acquired from Detroit Lions
6 - Acquired from Cleveland Browns
7 - Acquired from Atlanta Falcons
8 - Acquired from Washington thru Los Angeles Rams
9 - Acquired from Los Angeles Rams


1974 DRAFT

Held: January 29-30, 1974

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