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French Open Winners

By Patrick Mondout

Jimmy Connors, who won the other three Grand Slam events in 1974, was prevented from competing in the French Open due to his contract to play in World Team Tennis. It remains the only one of the four tournaments he has not won.

Here are the results of the French Open tournaments held during the Super70s.

Singles Winners

1979 Bjorn Borg Chris Evert Lloyd
1978 Bjorn Borg Virginia Ruzici
1977 Guillermo Vilas Mima Jausovec
1976 Adriano Panatta Sue Barker
1975 Bjorn Borg Chris Evert
1974 Bjorn Borg Chris Evert
1973 Ilie Nastase Margaret Smith Court
1972 Andres Gimeno Billie Jean King
1971 Jan Kodes Evonne Goolagong
1970 Jan Kodes Margaret Smith Court

Doubles Winners

1979 Gene Mayer/Sandy Mayer Betty Stove/Wendy Turnbull
1978 Gene Mayer/Hank Pfister Mimi Jausovec/Virginia Ruzici
1977 Brian Gottfried/Raul Ramirez Regina Marsikova/Pam Teeguarden
1976 Fred McNair/Sherwood Stewart Fiorella Bonicelli/Gail Lovera
1975 Brian Gottfried/Raul Ramirez Chris Evert/Martina Navratilova
1974 Dick Crealy/Onny Parun Chris Evert/Olga Morozova
1973 John Newcombe/Tom Okker Margaret Court/Virginia Wade
1972 Bob Hewitt/Frew McMillan Billie Jean King/Betty Stove
1971 Arthur Ashe/Marty Riessen Gail Chanfreau/Francoise Durr
1970 Ilie Nastase/Ion Tiriac Gail Chanfreau/Francoise Durr

Mixed Doubles Winners

1979 Bob Hewitt/Wendy Turnbull
1978 Pavel Slozil/Renata Tomanova
1977 John McEnroe/Mary Carillo
1976 Kim Warwick/Illona Kloss
1975 Tomas Koch/Fiorella Bonicelli
1974 Ivan Molina/Martina Navratilova
1973 Claude Barclay/Francoise Durr
1972 Kim Warwick/Evonne Goolagong
1971 Claude Barclay/Francoise Durr
1970 Bob Hewitt/Billie Jean King



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