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1977 World Team Tennis Standings

By Patrick Mondout

A number of franchise shifts occurred before the start of the 1977 WTT season. A new franchise was awarded to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia - sites that had already failed as WTT hosts. The Pennsylvania Keystones, as they were to be known, became the Soviet team before the season started. The Hawaii franchise moved to Seattle-Portland. The New York and San Diego franchises changed their names.

One disturbing trend remained unchanged as not a single team made a profit and the Soviet team in particular had trouble as it was without a home.

The Soviets folded after the season (the team, not the nation!).

The all-star game was held in San Diego with the East scoring a 23-18 win.

Phoenix Racquets 28 16 .636 --
San Francisco Golden Gaters 25 19 .568 3
San Diego Friars 21 23 .477 7
Seattle-Portland Cascades 18 26 .409 10
Los Angeles Strings 11 33 .250 17
Boston Lobsters 35 9 .795 --
New York Apples 33 11 .750 2
Indiana Loves 21 23 .477 14
Cleveland-Pittsburgh Nets 16 28 .364 19
Soviets 12 32 .273 23


In the 1977 WTT Quarterfinals, Boston defeated Cleveland-Pittsburgh, New York beat Indiana,
Phoenix defeated Sea-Port and San Diego beat the Golden Gators.

New York over Indiana 89-63 (33-21, 25-27, 31-15)
Boston over Cleveland 78-68 (30-26, 20-21, 28-21)
Phoenix over Seattle-Portland 57- 40 (30-14, 27-26)
San Diego over San Francisco 48-43 (24-22, 24-21)


In the Semifinals, New York beat Boston and Phoenix defeated San Diego.

New York over Boston 58-41 (29-21, 29-20)
Phoenix over San Diego 83-74 (26-29, 27-20, 30-22)


The New York Apples defeated Phoenix for the 1977 WTT Championship. The two-time champion Apples were once again led by player/coach Fred Stolle and featured Billie Jean King, Sandy Mayer, Virginia Wade, Ray Ruffels, Lindsey Beaven, and Linda Siegelman.

New York over Phoenix 55-39 (27-22, 28-17)



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The New York Apples won the championship

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