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By Patrick Mondout

The coaches and players selected their all stars and the choices were announced during the first round of the playoffs. The Sporting News released their all star team, though it was tainted by including defensive tackle Dave Roller as an offensive tackle! Since Roller made the coaches team, we assume that they meant to have him on defense, but that creates two other problems (too many on defense and not enough on offense). We've decided to list him incorrectly just as our friends at TSN did.*

The "official" team voted for by the players and coaches is on the left while TSN's is on the right:

Official WFL Offense The Sporting News
Alfred Jenkins, Birmingham WR Alfred Jenkins, Birmingham
Wally Highsmith, Memphis LT Dave Roller, So. California
Rick Anthony, Florida LG Buddy Brown, Birmingham
Ralph Hill, Memphis C Bob Kuziel, Charlotte
Buddy Brown, Birmingham RG Dave Bradley, Chicago
Ron Mikolajczyk, Memphis RT Bob Wolfe, Birmingham
Greg Latta, Florida TE Ed Marshall, Memphis
Tim Delaney, Hawaiians WR Tim Delaney, Hawaiians
Randy Johnson, Hawaiians QB Tony Adams, So. California
Tommy Reamon, Florida RB Tommy Reamon, Florida
JJ Jennings, Memphis RB JJ Jennings, Memphis
Eric Guthrie, Jacksonville K Grant Guthrie, Jacksonville, Birmingham
John Ricca, Florida LE Louis Ross, Florida
Mike McBath, Florida LT Mike McBath, Florida
Dave Roller, Southern California RT John Elliott, Charlotte
Gerry Philbin, Charlotte RE Gerry Philbin, Charlotte
Ross Brupbacher, Birmingham LLB Ross Brupbacher, Birmingham
Rudy Kuchenberg, Chicago MLB Rudy Kuchenberg, Chicago
John Villapiano, Shreveport RLB John Villapiano, Shreveport
Ron Mabra, Philadelphia LCB Ron Mabra, Philadelphia
Miller Farr, Florida RCB Miller Farr, Florida
Jeff Woodcock, Charlotte LS Jeff Woodcock, Charlotte
Dave Thomas, Memphis RS Dave Thomas, Memphis
Ken Clark, Portland P Ken Clark, Portland

* That The Sporting News has a completely different set of offensive lineman than the coaches and players may be a clue that perhaps they weren't paying close attention to their play.



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