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The Six Wives of Henry VIII

By BFS (The publisher)

Few television series have attracted as much critical and public acclaim as these six triumphant plays, now preserved on video. Written by six different authors, each play is a lavish and authentic dramatisation, produced with style and quality. Binding them together with his magnetic and dignified performance as the mighty monarch is Keith Michell--the definitive Henry VIII.

Cast List 
Keith Michell (as) Henry VIII 
Annette Crosbie (as) Catherine of Aragon 
Dorothy Tutin (as) Anne Boleyn 
Anne Stallybrass (as) Jane Seymour 
Elvi Hale (as) Anne of Cleves 
Angela Pleasence (as) Catherine Howard 
Rosalie Crutchley (as) Catherine Parr 
Anthony Quayle (as) Narrator 
Geoffrey Lewis (as) Bishop Fisher 
Patrick Godfrey (as) Thomas Wriothesley 
Howard Goorney (as) Will Somers 
Christopher Hancock (as) Sir Henry Norreys 
Edward Atienza (as) Eustache Chapuys 
Norman Atkyns (as) Henry's Gentleman 
Robert Hartley (as) Bishop Fox 
Louis Haslar (as) Sir Nicholas Carew 
Bernard Hepton (as) Archbishop Thomas Cranmer 
Ronald Adam (as) Cardinal Campeggio 
Robert James (as) Robert Barnes 
Jim Kennedy (as) Anthony Knevet 
Raymond Adamson (as) Duke of Suffolk 
Howard Lang (as) Sir Nicholas Carew 
Will Leighton (as) Tutor 
William Maxwell (as) Duke Wilhelm 
John Baskcomb (as) Cardinal Wolsey 
Ralph Bates (as) Thomas Culpepper 
James Mellor (as) Holbein 
Wolfe Morris (as) Thomas Cromwell 
Daniel Moynihan (as) Edward Seymour/Lord Hertford 
Jonathan Newth (as) George, Viscount Rochford 
Christopher Beeching (as) Earl of Surrey 
Michael Osborne (as) Mark Smeaton 
Valentine Palmer (as) Lord Willoughby 
Arnold Peters (as) Armourer 
Peter Bennett (as) Nobleman 
Simon Prebble (as) Francis Dereham 
Martin Ratcliffe (as) Prince Arthur 
Peter Reeves (as) Philip of Hesse 
John Richmond (as) Surgeon 
Bill Riley (as) Stanton 
John Ronane (as) Thomas Seymour 
Donald Bisset (as) Earl of Surrey 
Peter Stephens (as) Don Gutierre 
Patrick Troughton (as) Duke of Norfolk 
Norman Tyrrell (as) Chancellor of Cleves 
John Woodnutt (as) Henry VII 
Charles Workman (as) Archbishop Warham 
Ken Wynne (as) Dr. de Puebla 
Edward Burnett (as) Usher 
David Butler (as) Christopher Mont 
Robert Cawdron (as) Sir William Kingston 
Peter Cellier (as) Sir Christopher Hales 
Alberto Colzi (as) Ambassador 
Michael Cullen (as) Servant 
William Abney (as) Sir Frances Bryan 
Basil Dignam (as) Bishop Gardiner 
Patricia Heneghan (as) Lady Kingston 
Gillian Bailey (as) Dorothy Seymour 
Jo Kendall (as) Anne Stanhope 
Catherine Lacey (as) Dowager Duchess of Norfolk 
Stephanie Lacey (as) Lady Frances 
Carol MacReady (as) Amalie 
Joyce Mandre (as) Francesca de Carceres 
Hilary Mason (as) Lady Boleyn 
Marion Mathie (as) Lady Exeter 
Zienia Merton (as) Annette 
Elizabeth Bell (as) Anne Askew 
Jody Schaller (as) Princess Elizabeth 
Sue Bishop (as) Lady in Waiting 
Dorothy Black (as) Lady Margaret Seymour 
Mollie Sugden (as) Lotte 
Sally Travers (as) Dona Elvira Manuel 
Sheila Burrell (as) Lady Rochford 
Julia Cornelius (as) Anne Carey 
Ina De La Haye (as) Inez de Venegas 
Melanie Ackland (as) Lady Margaret 
Karen Ford (as) Lady Lane 
Margaret Ford (as) Maria de Salinas 
Alison Frazer (as) Princess Mary 
Verina Greenlaw (as) Princess Mary 


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Your Memories Shared!

I watched this series and was bitten by the Tudor bug! Only 9 years old then, my fascination with Tudor era England has never left me. In school, I would write endless book reports on this era and nearly anyone who played a part in it had my interest. I have it on VHS, dozens of books and with each new one I gasp with excitement. Although I know it will retell me what I have heard many times over it is no less a thrill. Thirty years later, it remains one of my favorite shows I've ever seen. It truly blew me away.


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Aired: 1971

Cast: Keith Mitchell (Henry VIII), Annette Crosbie (Catherine of Aragon), Dorothy Tutin (Anne Boleyn), Anne Stallybrass (Jane Seymour), Elvi Hale (Anne of Cleves), Angela Pleasence (Catherine Howard), Rosalie Crutchley (Catherine Parr), Anthony Quayle (Narrator)

Network: BBC, CBS (later PBS)

Genre: Period Drama

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