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That Girl

By Jenny Brown

"Diamonds, daisies, snowflakes... sable, popcorn, white wine... is that girl," describes the opening theme music of TV's That Girl, about the independent Ann Marie, a young actress trying to make it on her own in New York City in the late 1960s. Years before Mary Richards "made it after all" in Minneapolis, Marlo Thomas portrayed the feisty Ann, a seemingly feminist woman (by modern standards, her desire to please her father and her devotion to being the perfect girl for her boyfriend, Donald, seem less than liberated) who gets herself into scrapes and mishaps--of the variety familiar to those who grew up on I Love Lucy--as she attempts to become a Broadway star.

A first volume of That Girl on DVD in what we hope will be many has been released!

Fans of That Girl have grown to love kicky, quirky actress Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas) and her reporter boyfriend, Donald (Ted Bessell), two young urbanites living the freewheeling modern life of the mid-1960s. Today, the show still holds its own as a showcase for the fashions and mores of the mod years. Contemporary viewers might find some of the jokes puzzling, but are bound to fall for Ann's optimism, her independence, and her sense of style.

The Oh, Donald! collection features three episodes focusing on--not surprisingly--Ann's relationship with Don Hollinger (Ted Bessell). In the first show, "Don't Just Do Something, Stand There," the preview episode for the series (as Marlo Thomas explains after the show), Ann is working behind a candy counter when she lands a big break: a part in a TV commercial. Yet the handsome reporter from upstairs--with whom she's already had some tense run-ins--thinks she's being abducted by hoods and attempts to rescue her, leading, of course, to Donald and Ann's first date.

In "Anatomy of a Blunder," Donald is nervous about meeting Ann's parents, which of course leads to one disaster after another so that by the time they arrive, after a botched picnic in the park, Donald looks quite the fright. In the final episode of this volume, "Counter-Proposal," Donald, after four years of dating Ann, finally pops the question. Misadventure ensues over the engagement ring, but a delighted Ann is thrilled at the prospect of becoming Mrs. Hollinger. This set is a fun introduction to That Girl, and the little inconsistencies (in the "Proposal" episode, Ann declares that Orange Citrus is where she and Donald had their first date, although clearly in the preview episode they are at a fancy, Italian-looking restaurant) actually make this more fun. A real treat.


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Your Memories Shared!

I don't really have a favorite episode but favorite scenes. I remember the one where Donald and Lew were playing Monopoly. Lew kept saying over and over, I want my Marvin Gardens. And the episode where Ann was in a commercial but they dubbed the singing part. She thought the real singer should get the part but it turned out the real singer was a Nun.(Played by Marlo's real sister Terry). At the end Danny Thomas makes a - cameo as a Priest. Ann walks by him and says Hello Father. And he replys back Hello My Child. Little things like that I remember. I also liked Ann and Don's relationship. There was also an episode where Ann Marie from Brewster New York, was going to change her name to Marie Brewster on someone else's advice. The idea did not go over to well with her parents, particularly her Father who took it as a personal insult. It all ended all right she used her real name. Then at the end Donald asked her How does Hollinger Toledo sound. It was just a good show with a lot of these little funny lines. I mean if I can remember these lines after all this time then it is obviously a memorable show.


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Aired: September 8, 1966 - September 10, 1971

Cast: Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Lew Parker, Rosemary DeCamp, Dabney Coleman, Alice Borden, George Carlin

Network: ABC

Genre: Sitcom

Theme song

Image courtesy of ABC

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