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Hawaii Five-0

By Five-O Fan 1

From it's lightning fast opening video sequence, and the distinctive theme to the inevitable "Book em Danno!" Hawaii Five-O remains one of the most distinctive and captivating shows to ever hit American Television. It ran from the 1968 to 1981 season on CBS, and has been in syndication ever since.

Jack Lord starred as the stolid, methodical, and downright intimidating Steve McGarrett, head of Hawaii's elite State Police Agency "Five-O". McGarrett was a very private man as far as his personal life is concerned, however it is known that McGarrett was a former Naval Intelligence Officer. Jack Lord's portrayal of McGarrett was flawless. When he screeched up to a stop in that big, black Mercury - everyone KNEW who was in charge. McGarrett seldom showed emotion, and always was thinking, staying one step ahead of his adversaries. His arch enemy throughout the series was a criminal mastermind by the name of Wo Fat. McGarrett's character could be described as James Bond meets Matt Dillon. TV's ultimate tough cop to be sure.

Mc Garrett's sidekick and number two man was Danny (Danno) Williams. Younger than McGarrett, Danny was no slouch to the detective game himself. James MacArthur portrayed a softly spoken, introspective Williams with a sharp wit, and a knack for crime solving that complimented his boss nicely.

The sage of the bunch was the older, wiser Chin Ho Kelley. Played by veteran actor Kam Fong, Chin was the guy you could count on to just BE there. Never one to be in the spotlight, Chin was always the one that could work behind and within the scenes, gaining information and tracking facts more discreetly than McGarrett or Williams.

The muscle of the show was split up between "Ben" (Al Harrington who is now a DJ in Honolulu) "Kono" (Actor by the name of Zulu) and later a more seasoned, suave character "Duke" (Herman Weidemeyer) who had been an HPD Sergeant joined the team.

In 1978, Kam Fong left the show when Chin Ho was murdered. In 1980 James McArthur and Herman Weidemeyer left, causing a replacement of all characters except for McGarrett. "Lori" replaced Danno as McGarrett's second in command, but the chemistry and magic of previous years just wasn't there.

The show ended in 1981 when McGarrett disguised himself as a scientist and sprang a trap on his nemesis Wo Fat, sending him to prison.

Some other Five-O facts: Five-O headquarters was in Iolani Palace, the former home of Hawaiian Royalty. McGarrett always drove a black Mercury (Not a Lincoln as some have suggested and not a Dodge as has been mistakenly written) a 1968 Park Lane Brougham, and a 1974 Grand Marquis Brougham - both of which still exist today.


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My favorite episode of Hawaii Five-0 was a two-hour movie, "The Nine Dragons," which aired on September 30,1976. The villain (who else but Wo Fat?) lures McGarrett to Hong Kong in a plot to take over the Red Chinese government in Peking, and begin World War III. Wow! What more could a fan of Hawaii Five-0 want?


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Aired: September 26, 1968 - April 26, 1980

Cast: Jack Lord, Kam Fong, James MacArthur

Network: CBS

Genre: Police Drama

Theme song

Image courtesy of CBS

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