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High Chaparral

By Leona Jean

This western revolved around a pair of ranch-owning families (the Cannons and the Montoyas) living in Arizona Territory in the 1870s. Big John Cannon (played by Leif Erickson) owned the "High Chaparral Ranch" with his brother Buck Cannon (Cameron Mitchell).

Where Are They Now?

Actor Frank Silvera in 1970 of an accidental electrocution before the last season. Cameron Mitchell died of lung cancer in 1994. Leif Erickson died in 1986.

Special thanks to Andre who submitted an episode list:
1. Pale Warrior
2. The Peace Maker
3. The High Chaparral
4. The Arrangement (Hallmark)
5. The Filibusterous
6. Champion of the Western World
7. The Hair Hunter
8. The Reluctant Deputy
9. The Widow From Red Rock
10. Sudden Country
11. A Quiet Night In Tucson
12. Shadows On The Land
13. Stinky Flanagan
14. Ebenezer
15. The Terrorist
16. A Hanging Offense
17. The Legacy
18. Time OF Your Life
19. The Arrangement (16mm film)
20. Gold Is Where You Leave It
21. The Doctor Form Dodge
22. For The Love OF Carlos
23. A Man To Match The Land
24. Price of Revenge
25. Mark Of The Turtle
26. The Lost One
27. Lady Fair
28. The Badge
29. Trail To Nevermore
30. A Bad Day For A Thirst
31. To Stand For Something More
32. Little Thieves
33. The Deceivers
34. Surtee
35. Sea Of Enemies
36. The Savage Land
37. New Hostess In Town
38. The Filibusters
39. The Last Hundred Miles
40. A Joyful Noise
41. Widow From Red Rock
42. The Covey
43. A Matter OF Vengeance
44. To Many Chiefs
45. A Time To Laugh A Time To Cry
46. Sudden Country
47. It Takes A Smart Man
48. Away Of Justice
49. Alliance
50. Tornado Francis
51. Firing Wall
52. For What We Are About To Receive
53. A Man To Match The Land
54. The Hostage
55. Once On A Day In Spring
56. To Late The Epitaph
57. The Force Of Hate
58. Only The Bad Come To Sonora
59. Survival
60. The New Lion Sonora
61. The Ghost Soldiers
62. The Ghost Of Chaparral
63. The Kinsman
64. Fella Named Kilroy
65. Champion Of The Western World
66. Fiesta
67. Threshold Of Courage
68. Ten Little Indians
69. On Irish Need Apply
70. Anger Greater Than Mine
71. Apache Trust
72. The Assassin
73. Feather Of An Eagle


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My absolute favorite show! Great action!! The characters showed such a broad range of emotion. Loved the whole cast!!! Henry Darrow was my favorite!!! Not bad on the eyes then-or now!!!!


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Aired: September 10, 1967 - September 10, 1971

Cast: Leif Erickson (as Big John Cannon), Linda Cristal (as Victoria Cannon), Cameron Mitchell (as Buck Cannon), Mark Slade (as Billy Blue Cannon), Frank Silvera (as Don Sebastian Montoya), Henry Darrow (as Manolito Montoya), Gilbert Roland, Don Collier (as Sam Butler), Robert F. Hoy (as Joe Butler), Rudy Ramos (as Wind), Roberto Conteras, Rodolfo Acosta

Network: NBC

Genre: Western

Theme song

Image courtesy of NBC

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