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Logan's Run

By Lodger3

Logan's Run, was inspired by the film and book of the same name. It was not a sequel to the film, but a new telling of the story and actually was closer to the book in some ways. It told the story of a post-apocalyptic world in the 23rd century. Logan-5 was a Sandman in the City of Domes, a paradise in which perfect harmony and balance was achieved, but at a price: no one was allowed to live past their 30th birthday (21 in the book), also known as 'Last Day'. As a Sandman it was Logan's duty to hunt down Runners, people who tried to escape Last Day and discover a haven outside the City of Domes, a rumored place called Sanctuary. Logan befriended a female Runner named Jessica and on the outside they met up with Rem, an android who decided to accompany them on their quest. They were hunted by Logan's ex-partner, Francis-7, who not only feels it his duty to hunt down Runners but also feels personally betrayed by Logan's supposed act of betrayal against the system that created them. In their adventures they would meet up with other Runners, or small pockets of civilization, people that had somehow survived the holocaust that destroyed much of Earth and had created new cultures.

The series had very much the feel and look of the film, re-using the costumes, props, and even stock footage of the film. The music was also composed in the same style. But a few important differences were made; the life clock crystals in the character's palms were done away with, Logan chose to run in the series as opposed to being ordered to in the film, and the City of Domes was shown in the series to be ruled by an hidden Council of Elders that oversaw life in the City (replacing the automated computer in the film).

Every episode had at least one memorable moment in it, many of them being confrontations between Logan and Francis, each convinced that the other is wrong but still respecting the other based on their long friendship. The series was on for only 14 episodes, two of which weren't aired in it's original run. It was a too-brief run for a series that had much potential behind it.


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I read your description of this series and I can't help but disagree. Even though the show used the same costumes & sets it was very, very different. I guess it was the acting and the TV series weekly plots. I liked the Theatrical Film a lot when I saw it in 1976 but this, to me, was another example of a Movie that never should have been made into a series.

--Michael C.

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Aired: 1977-1978

Cast: Gregory Harrison, Heather Menzies

Network: CBS

Genre: Science Fiction

Theme song

Spinoff of: The 1976 movie of the same name

Image courtesy of CBS

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