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From Mars, with Love

By Patrick Mondout
  Facts and Figures
Love and Happiness
99_NASA_MGS_(Love).jpg (5942 bytes)
98_NASA_MGS_(HappyFace).jpg (9161 bytes)

These images were taken by the Mars Global Surveyer in 1999 and are featured courtesy of NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems.

If you have ever seen the outline of a common object (a car, a dog's head, or continent) in the clouds, then you realize that there must be objects all over the universe that look strangely similar to things we see in everyday life. Such is the case with these two newly discovered geophysical features of Mars!

The first image is of the Love Pit, which is about 1.4 miles wide and was photographed by the Mars Global Surveyor in June, 1999. The second images is of yet another face - this one decidedly happier. The resemblance to our logo is uncanny! Though we like refer to it as the Crater (it kind of resembles our founder last New Year's Eve - complete with party hat [upper right]), it is actually known as Galle Crater, and it is 134 miles wide.


Source: NASA.


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