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Paul McCartney, Wings - Wings Wild Life RIAA Certified Gold! Click here to see this CD at!

By Taylor Parkes

Rich, successful, happily married, and absurdly talented, Paul McCartney had nothing to do, so he recorded Wild Life. That would explain the frippery for which this curious record has long been ridiculed, but it's a perspective that does Wild Life--recorded in a couple of days--a disservice. In every sense it's the work of a still-young man still reeling from the '60s, unsure what to do with himself, in a still-young decade that had the same problem. Once past the thumbs-up inanity of "Bip Bop," much of it is great--like the title track, an ominous, slow-mo blues, showcasing a throat-shredding McCartney vocal and a genuine sense of doom, and the bleak and wistful "Tomorrow." Best is "Dear Friend," a red-raw ballad that throws long shadows over the rest of the album, with McCartney singing of his crushed friendship with John Lennon.

1. Mumbo8. Tomorrow
2. Bip Bop9. Dear Friend
3. Love Is Strange10. Mumbo Link
4. Wild Life11. Oh Woman, Oh Why [*]
5. Some People Never Know12. Mary Had A Little Lamb [*]
6. I Am Your Singer13. Little Woman Love [*]
7. Bip Bop Link


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"I agree, it's indeed a mix of trash and genius. The title song is haunting and as far as i'm concerned one of the most intense things McCartney ever recorded. I think the lyrics are not just about animals, but also about the years with the Beatles that are only just behind him, when he records this."


"Critics really savaged this album, and I'll admit it isn't an instant grabber. But it really grows on you, especially "Tomorrow". It's a great, mostly mellow album to enjoy start to finish. The additional tracks on the CD version really fill the album out nicely."


"After reading several reviews of this album, it doesn't completely stink! "Mumbo", sounds like it was recorded in a basement, and "Bip Bop" has to be the worst song Paul has ever written. However, "Somethings can Never Tell" is the highlight of the album! Great harmonies, even though some strange noises pop out every once and awhile. The bonus tarcks are strong. "Mary Has a Little Lamb", is a little corny, but I love the children singing in the backgound, and the verses flow with the lyrics. This is Paul's worst album, I rate it ** stars."


"I bought this fresh on vynil in '71 and no, it's not Paul's worst album. . . just different in the sense that what did he have to prove after the Zeatles? This is Paul stripped down proving that he could put an album out in a couple of weeks time (read the liner notes). Ram had been ambushed by the critics so he probably figured ah what the hell I'll do it my way. Mumbo and Bip Bop are two of the results and I love 'em. It's a new band! And everybody wants Abbey Road. . . tisk tisk silly Zeatle fans! By the way Paul's worst is Pipes of Peace. . . anyone disagree?"


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Artist: Paul McCartney, Wings

Released: December 7, 1971

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Gold

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