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By Chris Nickson

Technically, it was Paul and Linda McCartney, since this album was very much a collaboration between them. Some of the material was of the standard we expected ("Monkberry Moon Delight," "The Backseat of My Car," "Uncle Albert/AdmiralHalsey"), but somehow it all seemed entirely too whimsical, as if they'd spent a bit too long isolated on the farm. It was the expectations that were the problem, of course. Paul was simply making a lighthearted album, and we wanted earth-shaking pronouncements. Take Ram on its own terms (i.e., fun), and it's throughly enjoyable.


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"I first discovered "Ram" in 1988. After listening and re-listening to every Beatle album over and over again, I decided the time had come to venture into the solo aspect of their careers, first being Paul McCartney. At first I was a bit skeptical, I mean, I really couldn't compare ANY of Paul's solo efforts to anything The Beatles had done, but that's not at all meant as an insult to Paul. To me, listening to Paul's early solo stuff, including "Ram", it was like experiencing something brand new, and comepletely different.

"Ram" to me, takes many forms, some of which might seem basic, others being althogether unique. But after the first full listen of the "Ram" album, I was hooked! I mean, the feel of songs like "Smile Away", "Too Many People", "Eat At Home", "Heart Of The Country" and "3 Legs" was like taking a Salvador Dali painting and putting it to music. REALLY!

Of course, how could I excluded "Monkberry Moon Delight", a really cool "out there" track. Honestly, the only two songs I'm not all that fond of on the album are the single "Uncle Albert/Admiral Hasley" and the track "Long Haired Lady", but even those are not without their charm.

All in all, "Ram" to me reflects the packaging of the LP itself... it's a collage of ideas and sounds, but done in such a way, that although some may call it "weirdly different", I myself think of it more as "beautifully surreal"."


"Yeah, I agree. I love 'Ram'. I think the level of musical invention is incredibly high. Listen to the harmonies/Paul's voice on 'Back Seat Of My Car'Sheer brilliance!"


"Ram is one of those albums that you either love it or hate it. I consider it my favorite along with Band On the Run. My favorite songs on the album are Too Many People with that incredible smoking solo at the end of the song and Eat At Home are just spectacular. I do not believe the album has any bad songs on it.

I strongly recomend the album for die hard Beatle-McCartney fans"


"I don't know of any other album that has so many melodies woven within the voices and instruments, and also is so easy to listen to because it doesn't try to be too serious. I think this is one of Mccartney's best efforts. If you're feeling down, there isn't a better album. Even the instrumental "Thrillington" proves this."

--A C M

""Ram" is certainly equal to any Beatles album, in my opinion. In fact, I usually prefer it nowadays. There's some nice rockers, and the whole thing is great from start to finish. I was born several years after the album's release, but I would have to say "Ram" is better than most recent music. People talk a lot about "Band On The Run", but "Ram" is actually superior by far."


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Artist: Paul McCartney

Released: May 17, 1971

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum

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