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Paul McCartney and Wings - Red Rose Speedway RIAA Certified Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Taylor Parkes

You could trawl the rock & roll archives all the way back to the start and never find an album quite like Red Rose Speedway. Which is not to say that it's great. Just that it's... weird. Though it's a Wings album, it's entirely irradiated with Paul McCartney's personality--to the extent that virtually the entire band left him while attempting to rehearse for the supporting tour, claiming they couldn't operate in his huge, overbearing shadow. You can see where they were coming from. Red Rose Speedway, right down to the cover shot of Macca with a rose in his mouth, is about Paul McCartney, specifically his unique ability in the '70s to pump up slight, pretty songs to the scale of "Hey Jude," seemingly unaware or unworried that that didn't necessarily make them as good as "Hey Jude." The high spot is the saccharine sauciness of "My Love," a lurching soft-focus ballad about his wife's sexual excellence. The rest of it--lazy, lushly produced rock, sometimes sweet, sometimes just cloying, but always unmistakably Macca--is worth hearing if just to ponder: "What the hell did he think he was doing?"

1. Big Barn Bed8. Loup (1st Indian on the Moon)
2. My Love9. Medley: Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite/Hands of Love/Power Cut
3. Get on the Right Thing10. C Moon [*]
4. One More Kiss11. Hi Hi Hi [*]
5. Little Lamb Dragonfly12. Mess [Live][*]
6. Single Pigeon13. I Lie Around [*]
7. When the Night


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"The more I hear it, the plainer it is to me that Macca was 1)possibly misunderstood and 2) underrated in Wings. This album, tho' filled with a few unforgettables, also has some excellent tracks. 'Get on the Right Thing'is indicative of what's brilliant abt McCartney, as is 'When The Night' and 'The Mess'? Pure genius, if you ask me."


"While not as good as "Ram", it's still great and well worth owning. My favorites on it are lesser known, highly melodic tracks like "Get On The Right Thing" or "One More Kiss". The CD version also includes "Hi Hi Hi" and "C Moon", making it even more of a winner. It takes more than one listen to sink in, and it's pretty lighthearted, but if you like McCartney, you'll like "Red Rose Speedway"."


"Paul the greatest songwriter the world has ever known, writes between 100 - 200 songs a year. Some of his greatest written songs have never been released. Others are throw away tunes he hums or whistles without thought. How he determines what makes an album is any ones guess. You can't appreciate Paul from one album or blame him for putting on what seems to many as filler material. He clearly is more diversified than any other artist ever. His body of work proves it. 1973 his voice was probably at its peak. It will be interesting years from now to see how we think of him."


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Artist: Paul McCartney

Released: April 30, 1973

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum

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