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Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Lorry Fleming

If you were challenged to name five rock albums that epitomized the Super70s, Frampton Comes Alive! should probably top the list. Former Humble Pie guitarist Peter Frampton recorded a few perfectly fine albums with his band Frampton's Camel, but it wasn't until some of those tracks were recorded at a live performance in San Francisco and released as Frampton Comes Alive! that he became a household name. Buoyant pop, sentimental ballads, arena rock--this album has it all. The double-LP package set sales records and contained three bona fide radio hits--"Baby, I Love Your Way," "Show Me the Way," and "Do You Feel Like We Do?" This 25th-anniversary remastered package features three previously unreleased tracks from the source shows, plus an additional selection recorded at the time as a radio promo.

Best Seller

This album shattered the sales record of Carole King's Tapestry by selling a then-record eight million copies. Frampton's record stood until 1978 when the Bee Gees (and others) broke it with the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever.

1. Introduction/Somethin's Happening10. Baby, I Love Your Way
2. Doobie Wah11. I Wanna Go to the Sun
3. Lines on My Face12. Nowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)
4. Show Me the Way13. (I'll Give You) Money
5. It's a Plain Shame14. Do You Feel Like We Do
6. Wind of Change15. Shine On
7. Just the Time of Year16. White Sugar
8. Penny for Your Thoughts17. Jumping Jack Flash
9. All I Wanna Be (Is by Your Side)18. Day's Dawning


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Your Memories Shared!

"This album was a force when rock was rock.I was an Aerosmith fan at that time and they were huge, but when this double set came out, it really took over for a while.I believe unlike Aerosmith and similar bands, Frampton appealed to women also, creating a "double market value", this is one reason (beside excellent quality), the album went multi-platinum so quickly, and shattered existing record sales."

--Mike Odom Lexington, SC

"My first concert was seeing Peter Frampton at Colt Park in Hartford, CT in the summer of 1976. It had rained the day before, so a lot of the seating area for this outdoor general admission show was muddy. Our choices were to either sit in the mud about 20 feet from the stage, or sit about a quarter mile away. There was a guy selling these hard plastic cowboy hats, so my friends and I bought all of his hats, and we plopped them down in the mud. They made perfect seats, although we ended up standing for the whole show. A band called Natural Gas came on first, then Gary "Dreamweaver" Wright played for awhile in his orange jumpsuit. When Frampton finally ran onstage he fell right of the front of the stage into the security booth. We were pretty sure they were going to cancel the show, because we didn't see him for about 10 minutes after he fell. When he got back onstage, he sat on a stool, grabbed the mike, and said "I ripped my trousers!", which drew a pretty good laugh from the crowd. He then said, "I'd like to play a song for somebody who's very worried right now", and played "Penny for your Thoughts", referencing his girlfriend, Penny. He went on to play perfectly for about 2 hours, an amazing feat considering he had cracked a rib when he fell. All in all, an exceptional show which fed my desire to see as many rock shows as I could during my formative years."

--Joe D.

"It seems like every teenager was issued a copy of this album in the summer of '76. By 1981, the thrift shops were filled with them. Great memories…"


"In 1976 at the Miami baseball stadium I filmed Peter on super eight movie camara plus took a boom box and recorder 4 cassettes of the concert - edited down to one tape. Grass infield by stage was filled with people lying on blankets. Gary Wright (The Dream Weaver) opened up for him. Smell of pot was thick, 4 hours later I was happy as I went home."


"I was 12 when 'Alive' came out. What do you know about quality music when your 12?? It instantly struck a chord with me and by 14 I had probably played it 100 times. I am now 38 and have probably played it 800 times. Growing up in the far north of Ontario, not a lot to do on the many cold winters nights, listening to the sweet strains of the first 10 seconds of Baby I love you way....("Thank you......Shadows grow so long before my eyes..") Was and still is magic. The memories that song contains....high school sweethearts, University girlfriends, cruising the freeway in my first new car, dancing in the living room with my wife."


"We loved him so much that we saw him in concert 4 times!! I STILL have my glorious poster of him from the 70s. Ooooh- that hair, that chest!!"

--Susan from Florida

"I agree 100%. I got the 25th anniversary edition for Xmas and talk about great memories! I didn't have the original LP - just heard it on the radio. Great album.

Question - the lyrics in this CD for "do you feel" don't match with what I hear. They say "white coat, white tail - never fails." I hear something like "quick coat, quick tails." Anyone know what he's saying?"


"I think Frampton Comes Alive is the best live album of all time! A friend of mine and I used to syncronize our old 8-tracks of this & play them at the same time at church camp - he was at one end and I was at the other & we blasted Frampton through the whole camp. I have yet to hear a live album that tops it!"


"I was a high school senior in the St. Louis, Missouri area when "Frampton Comes Alive" was released. Strangly enough, I never bought my own copy of the album, but, of course, I heard all the songs. I particularly remember a friend of mine brining his guitar to school one day and playing "Penny For Your Thoughts" outside on the grass. I was very impressed.

I still don't own the album and most of the time I'll switch the station when "Feel Like You Do" or "Show Me the Way" comes on, but sometimes I don't and sometimes I'm transported back to the Super70s again.

You know, perhaps I'm getting to be a fogey, but the music of the Awesome80s and 90's just wasn't as good, overall as the mid-60's to late Super70s. My son's friend, who is 17, heard me playing "Call Me the Breeze" by Lynryrd Skynyrd. His comment? "Wow, they wrote really complicated music then." Well, I don't know if basic blues can be called complicated, but I guess compared to some of the stuff out there today, it is.

Oh well."


"This album brings back the memories. It was the "thriller" album of that time. The live sound is executed almost perfectly,it gives it substance that is unique in that respect."


"This album is truly the greatest Rock n Roll album of all time. Just listen to the guitar work on this masterpiece. I t's amazing how you can almost feel yourself in the seats of the arena. There is no better live recording than Frampton's "Lines on My Face". It's the best song ever. Period."


"I was in 9th grade when this "album" came out. Awesome. The diversity of his music & lyrics was and still is phenomenal. I remember every guy wanted his hair style. A few did get the perm type look.

I think Mike Meyers summed it up perfectly in Waynes World..."Frampton Comes Alive is standard issue in urban America." I think he said it like that, been a few years since I saw the movie. Thanks for letting me share."


"If you were in school in the Super70s, you can't think about school dances or roller/ice skating nights without thinking about this album. When I hear the hits from it, I can close my eyes and be in my junior high gym in Fairfax, Va. Frampton best defines the whole Super70s vibe because he blended a bubblegum pop sex symbol with really great rock and roll. A coworker of mine said it difficult to find the album today without push pin holes in corners because so many girls opened it and hung it on the wall. I fortunately have a copy that my wife held onto all these years (no push pin holes). He's on tour this summer. I wish I could find a way to go."


"It is said that listening to this album will change your life. I bought a tape of it before a 15 hour road trip and man did it ever change who I was and how I saw the world."


"This album was released when I became a teenager. Pete's music had a huge influence on my life. The music on this album, especially live, just had a certain appeal and I couldn't hear enough of it. It seams that the girls in junior high school kinda went crazy over the sound as well. Frampton's music wasn't real heavy but it wasn't slow either. I think the summer of 1976 was the best summer I ever had and I have to thank Peter Frampton for making it happen."

--Frampton Fan Tink

"I remember Baby I Love Your Way, and the song that had the instrumental part mid way which I can't name because I lost my album along but am in the process of ordering the CD version. I was so moved by this during the year it came out because I got married that year to the guy who introduced me to Peter's music along with many others. His voice is so melodic and relaxing , his music in this album showcases his talent the most I believe, not to mention his hair was gorgeous and really accented his appeal during this era. Peter Frampton had a style of his own with just enough class to be remembered for such a skill with the guitar. It still sounds just as new today and brings back old memories."


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Artist: Peter Frampton

Released: January 15, 1976

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (8)

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