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Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue RIAA Certified Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Steve Gdula

ELO's fusion of Beatles-esque harmonies and melodic structure, coupled with their symphonic arrangements was just on the verge of wearing thin at the time they released Out of the Blue. To argue that the double album went platinum because of the band's live extravaganza to support it--the band performed inside a flying saucer--is a premise worthy of consideration. Song for song, Out of the Blue is not as strong as Face the Music, but it still has some of Jeff Lynne's finest compositions ever recorded. "Turn to Stone" and "Sweet Talkin' Woman" are almost downright giddy in their deliveries; the former opening with a string riff, the latter with a minor key violin line, before boasting a choral background accompaniment. "Mr. Blue Sky" and "The Whale" are almost too hokey, yet still managed to work. "Standin' in the Rain," "Big Wheels," and "Summer and Lightening" are more memorable. But in the end, power cello riffs can only take you so far. Stick with a "greatest hits" or "best of" collection in this case.

1. Turn to Stone9. Steppin' Out
2. It's Over10. Big Wheels
3. Sweet Talkin' Woman11. Summer and Lightning
4. Across the Border12. Mr. Blue Sky
5. Night in the City13. Sweet Is the Night
6. Starlight14. Whale
7. Jungle15. Birmingham Blues
8. Believe Me Now16. Wild West Hero


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"ELO's hits have always been the low point of there albums, it's their brillant instumental pieces that make ELO a worthwhile listen. And it's the instumental pieces that make this one of the best albums ever."


"Out Of The Blue is a far more accomplished album than Face The Music and stands with New World Record and Discovery as the best of ELO. These other albums sound and feel like singles collections, containing top quality hit material. In contrast, Out Of The Blue sounds like a real album, with more mood changes and a range of feelings. It may have been improved slightly by removing a couple of songs to enable a single album release, which would have helped the continuity. But overall, this is probably a better summary of ELO through the years than any other single ELO album."


"I could not disagree more. I believe that Out of the Blue is one of the finest produced and performed albums of the 1970s, or of any time. Jeff Lynne is the music industry's most underated and unsung artist of the rock era. For those of you who are younger and are not that familiar with ELO's music, I would HIGHLY recommend you DON'T get the greatest hits album, and instead get Out of the Blue."

--V/R, Jed

"If you are a fan of ELO, this is one of the 'best of the rest' albums. Am I in agreement with your critic on this album? No. Discovering what a 'theme' album is all about, is not purchasing 'greatest hits'. This album has wonderful, layered, melodic, engrossing music. It takes you from lifes lows, to lifes highs, all in about 50 minutes.

As far as I am concerned, it is a 'must' have."



Before Styx came out with "theme albums" Jeff Lynn was on top of the game with "Face the Music" and then hit stride with "Eldorado". "Concerto for a Rainy Day" could have been wonderful as a 10" EP but still works well within the context of "Out of the Blue". Maybe on CD "Out of the Blue" Doesnt hold up very well BUT, with 4 sides of an LP, the songs work wonderfully together. I think having to get up and turn over a record makes the listening more pleasurable!

I also dig "A New World Record", which I think is the better record of the two."

--Lewis Bailey

"This is an incredible collection of uplifting and creative music. So many of the songs I beleive would be absolute radio hits were they given any attention. The song "Jungle" is simply a blast with its wild-side sound mixed with lighthearted lyrics. "Across the Border" is an energetic rock and roll tune with very, very fun mariachi overtures. I could go on, but suffice it to say that this album is simply fantastic. I love every minute of it!!"


"This was the first record I ever bought and I still love it. Every so often I go on a Super70s/Awesome80s kick where i play the music I listened to in my teens and ELO STILL do something for me. I can even remember userping the DJ's position and my mate's sisters wedding and playing an entire set of ELO tracks, and it was very popular!"


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Artist: Electric Light Orchestra

Released: November 13, 1977

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum

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