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Paul McCartney and Wings - Back To The Egg RIAA Certified Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Jerry McCulley

The promising career of this final edition of Wings was cut short in 1980 when Paul McCartney, perhaps just a bit too elated to be returning to Japan for his first performances since the Beatles' legendary visit 14 years earlier, was arrested by Japanese customs officials with a substantial stash of marijuana in his luggage. But though it's anchored by the muscular drumming of Steve Holly and the solid guitar work of the classically trained Laurence Juber (who's since carved out a comfortable niche as studio ace and innovative acoustic stylist), it's too often McCartney's songwriting that's the band's weakest link. Ostensibly upbeat numbers such as "Spin It On," "Getting Closer," and the big rock of "Old Siam, Sir" just can't overcome the MOR leanings of much of the rest, including "Arrow Through Me." The star-laden "Rockestra Theme" (featuring Pete Townshend, Ronnie Wood, John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Dave Gilmour, and Ronnie Lane) is rollicking fun, but still not enough to surmount the artistic Battle of the Two Pauls; the Little Richard-inspired rocker and the Manilow-esque balladeer who too often gets the upper hand here. This CD also features the strong B-side "Daytime Nighttime Suffering," a track which may unintentionally comment on the other two "bonus" cuts here, the misfired McCartney holiday singles "Wonderful Christmastime" and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reggae."

1. Reception10. After The Ball/Million Miles
2. Getting Closer11. Winter Rose/Love Awake
3. We're Open Tonight12. The Broadcast
4. Spin It On13. So Glad To See You Here
5. Again And Again And Again14. Baby's Request
6. Old Siam, Sir15. Daytime Nightime Suffering
7. Arrow Through Me16. Wonderful Christmastime
8. Rockestra Theme17. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae
9. To You


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"First of all, I must say THIS is my favorite Wings album! Better than that, it's one of my all-time favorite albums PERIOD! In my opinion, this album has it all! If one were to view the complete transformation of Wings from it's creation to this album, this album is the group coming into it's own. Even Laine's songwriting, which I was never really impressed with on the earlier albums, shines with "Again And Again And Again".

The best songs on this album are the rockin' "To You", "Rockestra Theme", "Arrow Through Me", "Old Siam, Sir", "Getting Closer", "We're Open Tonight, "Baby's Request" and "Again And Again And Again". Not to mention two of the bonus tracks, "Daytime, Nighttime Suffering" and "Goodnight Tonight", which were awesome singles.

It's a shame this album became Wings "swan song" (pardon the pun), because I personally hated the "McCartney II". But that's another review.

Put simply, if you want great music from beginning to end, "Back To The Egg" by Paul McCartney & Wings is the album you've been looking for!"


"An uneven affair, the kind that will have you rocking along and a few minutes later scratching your head. The first five cuts are super, giving the lie that Macca (and Wings) was an incapable rocker. The poetry sequence (Broadcast), backed with a rather eccentric orchestral backing, while interesting, makes you wonder what the point was. A good change of pace from the rather languid London Town."


"One of the strongest Paul McCartney and Wings albums. Great production from Chris Thomas and Paul McCartney. The album is a real throwback from today's alternative "grunge" production. The album flows very well."


"Back to the Egg should have been a hit for Mccartney, but it wasn't unfortunately. Many fans reguard this album as their favourite --MSAG

"Right off the top, it is immediately apparent that this is a ROCK album. The way "Reception" leads into "Getting Closer" is just classic. Rockers abound on this album, including "Spin It On", "Old Siam, Sir" and "Rockestra Theme". And guess what? They're definately some of the best McCartney has ever written. I had never heard anything from this album before, and took my time getting around to buying it. But talk about a hidden treasure! A strong, still-modern effort from Paul."

--Robert Bartholomew

"I think it is one of the best records that Macca ever made. It's interesting because some people doesn't know that Macca invited Dave Gilmour, Pete Towshend, John Paul Jones, John Bohan and Kenney Jones to be part of the Rockestra. It's a great album but does not have a hit. But who cares ? I love it!"

--Gilvan / Brazil

"I loved "Back to the Egg." I don't understand why it didn't receive more recognition for its genius. My favorite is Arrow Through Me, Old Siam is also great. The music on Back to the Egg reeks heavily of Paul's Beatles days, especially the orchestra instrumentals used throughout. Lots of music. Lots of memories from the turn of the Super70s into the Awesome80s. I think there was a lot of great music during 79-81. There was no particular style at the time, punk music was coming into its time - the ultra hippee days were ending, we weren't yet into the big hair bands (eeyuch!) and music was all over the board.

Paul did a great job on this one."


"This was Paul's last album with his band ,"Wings." The band had fallen apart, and the album suffered because of it. There were not hits to speak of on the album, and critcs weren't too kind to it. However, Paul did some other work around this time, you may remember songs like,"Daytime Nightime Suffering", and ."Wonderful Christmastime."These two tracks appear as Bonus tracks on the re-release of the CD. Paul would later make a techno album based on Back to the Egg, under the name the,"Fireman." The album was called, "Strawberries, Oceans, Ships, Forest. Paul would have his ups and downs in the late Super70s to mid Awesome80s. Back to the Egg was a down."


"This album was not received that well at the time it came out.
I know it is not as good as Band On The Run and Rock Show , but I always thought that there was some quality stuff on Egg.
I thought the good songs were Getting Closer, Arrow Through Me, Winter Rose, After The Ball, and Old Siam Sir. There was some throw away stuff but McCartney has always gotten away with that because, well, because HE can.
Anyway, I think this album is better than the credit it has been given."


"Back To The Egg is a mediocre classic rock album by former Beatle Paul McCartney & his band Wings because he seemed lost in his legend creatively, musically & artistically as an artist at the time wanting to sound current since it has that kind of new wave feel to it which I think is McCartney's answer to the Sex Pistols & the Clash but there are some great tracks on it even though it could have been much better coming from this music legend. "

--Wayne L.

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Artist: Paul McCartney

Released: May 24, 1979

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum

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