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Fads of the Super70s

By Patrick Mondout

Do you remember when the hot gift items for Christmas were Mood Rings and Pet Rocks? Or when a guy streaked across the stage on a live broadcast of the Oscars? How about those great Black Pride Afros, CB Radios, and Lawn Darts?

We do! Check out those articles or others on the Lava Lamp, Clackers, String Art, the game Twister, est, Macrame, the Smiley Face, and Streaking!

We are also covering fads of the 80s and 90s on our sister sites. Use the tool on the top right (where it says "70's Fads, 80's Fads") from any Fad page to find articles! And check out our discussion forums for memories of these fads from others and to share your own memories! (Use these forums to inform us of any other fads we should be covering.) 




Not all fads fade away. The Frisbee is still popular today.

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