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Lucan was a short lived ABC network TV show about a boy raised by Wolves found at age ten by hunters. After 10 years of intense re-training in the ways of humans at a research complex, Lucan leaves on a journey to find his real parents.

The show started with great ratings numbers but after a few episodes the writing was so lack luster and predictable unless you were a devoted fan like me there was no reason to watch. The story lines are obvious, hokey, always inconsistent so much that at times the results make no sense at all.

The writing was terrible but the star Kevin Brophy did a great job at giving Lucan a soul and presence. Unfortunately good acting is not enough by it self to over come horrible writing. Lucan was a delightful and likable fellow who was supposed to be a primal instinct motivated individual who met and helped people in need by using his remaining wolfen skills.

Lucan lasted two half season runs, usually as mid season replacement shows with a total of twelve installments produced including a 90 minute pilot episode which is by far the best.

I loved Lucan I would not miss it when it aired in the 1977 to 1978 winter TV seasons. I am high functioning autistic and for me despite it's flaws Lucan taught me more about life in an hour than I learned in years with some doctors. I will always have a special joyful place in my heart for Lucan the Wolf Boy his show opened my eyes in ways that led to my being successful far beyond the imagining of doctors friends family and foes alike.


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Lucan a show about a baby boy lost in the wilderness of Minnesota, USA. This child was found and raised to age ten by a she wolf as her own. The child grew up in the wild learning his own unique form of socialization. At age ten the wild child discovered by hunters was subsequently captured and taken to a university research center. At the research center this Wolf Boy was experimented upon while being taught basics of coping in so called human civilization.

The child raised by wolves started saying LUCAN upon hearing a doctor friends encouragement saying YOU CAN thinking this was his name so the doctor named him LUCAN. LUCAN grew into a fine well educated 20 year old man just as the research university made both he and the research project that supported him a hotbed of political infighting. Lucan's stressed out old scientist, protector, now mentor and close friend "John Randolph" as Dr. Hoagland suffers a non-fatal acccident. In The Pilot Episode: The good doctor no longer able to defend LUCAN against corrupt heartless University foes begged his wolf boy-human hybred friend to escape by melting into the uncharted wilderness of human civilization. In The Lucan Series: show viewers join Lucan on his journey doing good while searching for his natural parents.

Lucan always had a strong abiding urge to find his natural parents. The old sick doctor friend felt it was time Lucan left his protected university research world to join mainstream human society. LUCAN used skills honed growing up with wolves to escape the research institute venturing out into humankind's civilization on a quest to find his parents. Series basically chronical's LUCAN's search for his parents played against a backdrop of different intrigues. In each episode LUCAN attempts to cope with human civilization by further developing his own hybred human-wolfen brand of socialization skills.

Lucan is dogged without mercy by money grubbing, cold hearted, inept bounty hunter special police investigator and all around boob Don Gordon as "Prentiss". Lucan is sometimes helped by his research doctor friend and mentor Dr. Hoagland throughout the series. Lucan meets new challenges, people and animals who are changed after encountering his unique wolfen-human hybred manner. While Lucan makes many dear new friend's he lets nothing stop his quest following all leads to his real parents giving the series its reason to continue.

Since the series never made it beyond 12 episodes it the concept was never fully developed beyond what is stated here. I enjoyed the short lived LUCAN series more than anything I've seen on TV before or since which is why I contribute to this website.

--Das Wolfen

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Aired: December 26, 1977 - December 4, 1978

Cast: Kevin Brophy, John Randolph, Don Gordon

Network: ABC

Genre: Adventure

Theme song

Image courtesy of ABC

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