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By Philigan

Though most people never wanted to believe it, "Alice" was actually a huge hit. It debuted in 1976 and was almost cancelled before it made it to season two. During the shows second season it became a hit. "Alice" was a top 10 hit for many of it's nine seasons.

Linda Lavin was considered the star playing the wise waitress who wanted to become a singer. Lavin's co-stars made the show fun to watch and very popular. Florence Jean Castleberry played by Polly Holliday and became a classic sitcom character. She even popularized a catch phrase, "Kiss Mah Grits", that this writer still uses to this day.

Next in line was Vic Tayback. He was the meanest and stingiest boss to come this way since Mr. Mooney. Mel Sharples reminds me of my own boss. Vera Gorman was portrayed with a childlike quality by Beth Howland. She was a waitress that you kind of felt sorry for and there for left a generous tip.

After Flo left the series it lacked the family feeling that America grew to love. Belle was a disappointment and didn't last long. Jolene was fun and bought some spunk back to the show. Alice also had a son named Tommy. When the show first aired he was a little boy. The producers could never imagine that he would grow to be 6 feet tall, and not look at all like Linda Lavin!

The show ended with no hoopla. It aired a final episode and to this day I remember watching it and feeling like I lost four good friends.


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Your Memories Shared!

"Alice" was a late Super70s classic! Running an amazing 9 seasons, from August 31st,1976 to July 2nd,1985 (including the series finale broadcast in the 3rd week of March of that year.) This series was based on the movie,"Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore". My memories of Alice are quite vivid. While it was not as serious as All In the Family or Maude, it made up for it by just being a great show to watch and laugh at for 30 mins. Standout episodes are: The pilot episode,Tommy's "sex-ed" episode, Vera thinks Geoge Burns really is God like in the movie, Belle, Flo's replacement, auditions for a sleazy nightclub owner,Alice disguises herself as a man,Telly Savalas drops in and many others but my all time favorite is,"Good Buddy Flo". Flo tries to impress her trucker boyfriend by having Alice teach her to drive a Semi. It ends (hilariously) in disaster when Flo accidently steps on the gas instead of the break and smashes dead-center through the front of Mel's Diner! That episode aired in Jan. 1980 and I still think it's their funniest if not their best! That's one reason I really loved and still love this show. It's also a small example of why Super70s TV rules. Keep on Truckin'!


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Aired: August 31, 1976 - July 2, 1985

Cast: Linda Lavin, Vic Taback, Polly Holliday, Beth Howland

Network: CBS

Genre: Sitcom

Theme song

Image courtesy of CBS

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