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Bill Cosby Show

By Wikipedia

This page refers to the early 1970s "Bill Cosby Show" and not the very popular 1980s "Cosby Show." We have a page on our sister site for that show!

The Bill Cosby Show was a sitcom that aired for two seasons on NBC from 1969 until 1971. There were 52 episodes made in the series. In this lighthearted comedy, Bill Cosby played the role of Chet Kincaid, physical education teacher at a Los Angeles high school. The Chet Kincaid character was a bachelor, an average cool guy trying to earn a living, and help people out along the way. Many of the episodes involved Chet in various situations at the high school with his students and fellow teachers. In some episodes, Chet was asked to substitute, and fill in as algebra or english teacher.

In one hilarious episode, Chet was the drivers ed instructor trying to teach a nervous student how to drive. Other episodes involved younger children, and some episodes involved family and adult characters. Different guest stars also appeared in various episodes thruout the series. The shows theme song- "Hikky Burr" was written by Bill Cosby and Quincy Jones with Cosby providing the vocals. The show was entertaining, and did not use a laugh track, which is unique. The Bill Cosby Show was not your average, laugh-out-loud type of sitcom. The episodes were humorous, but the show emphasized intelligent character studies and plausible, real life situations. The plot of many episodes centered around a lesson in life learned, which was explained in the classic Cosby style.

In 1984, Bill Cosby returned to NBC with a similarly-named sitcom entitled The Cosby Show.


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My favorites were: Bill loses the school's only needle valve for pumping up the school's basketballs, and tries to order another. Bill needs a vehicle for a date. He gets one - but it turns out to be a friend's garbage truck! In one scene Bill accidentally activates the pickup box and almost smashes a Cobra (Bill's?) parked in front of the truck. Question for anyone out there: A lot of Cosby websites dismiss this show as a ratings loser. My memory is that it was usually around 16-18th in the ratings, but that Bill was going through one of his 'difficult periods' at the time, and basically cancelled the show himself. Anyone have same/different memories or sources of fact?

--Fan of I Spy

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Aired: September 14, 1969 - August 31, 1971

Cast: Bill Cosby, Lillian Randolph, Beah Richards

Network: NBC

Genre: Sitcom

Theme song

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