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Tips For Dating Women Born In The 70s

Women born in the 1970s are a very different breed. They grew up with feminism, and they have a lot of equality for themselves and other women. And while their upbringing has been shaped by many cultural factors, it also comes from being raised as the first generation to grow up in an era where birth control methods were readily available. In this article we’ll explore some tips you can use when dating women who were born in the 70s.

Women From The 70s Are Independent

Dating a woman born in the 70s means you’re dating somebody who is much more independent than her predecessors. Many of them moved out and went to college when they were just 18, and many women born in that time don’t even want or expect kids.

The idea that men were not pulling their weight financially was well ingrained in the women of this generation by the time they were kids. These women are used to having their own money, paying for themselves, and are often not afraid to spend because of it.

Women From The 70s Are Diverse

The 70s was a time of great diversity for immigration. In fact, so many people from all over the world came to America that it’s one of the most diverse generations in American history.

As a result, Latina women from this generation will not be as homogenous as those born at other times–and will vary greatly depending on their country of origin. Some are more traditional, others are more Americanized.

Some women born in the 70s have roots coming from Latin America, Europe, Asia, and even South America. This means if you want a Latina MILF, like the ones here —, you’ll need to adjust your approach with them depending on which country they come from.

Latina Women From The 70s Are Independent Too

You can add to this fact that most Latinas you meet in the 70s were born in America. That means they’ll be more independent and have a lot of American values when it comes to equality for women.

Latina women from the 70s usually grew up in homes where they were taught that a man should care for her, but she doesn’t need the man to survive. That being said, it doesn’t mean they don’t want a relationship (or kids for that matter). It’s just that these women expect to be able to provide for themselves whether or not they’re in a relationship at the time.

But Don’t Worry–They Want A Relationship Too!

A lot of women born in the 70s are not looking for a casual hookup. They might do it once or twice, but they don’t want to go down that path as a lifestyle. If they’re willing to put out on the first date there’s a good chance she really likes you and is ready for something more than physical intimacy.

It’s important to make her feel like she’s worth more than a one night stand, and to show her it’ll mean something if she allows herself to be vulnerable with you. A lot of women from the 70s will appreciate your approach as long as you don’t take advantage of them–and remember: their sexuality doesn’t negate their independence.

Women With One Child

A little known fact about women born in the 70s is that many of them only plan on having one child. This means that these women often get very serious about finding a partner, and if they find someone who isn’t looking for a long-term commitment, they will move on.

These ladies are also used to being pursued because of their independence. And the thought process in the back of their mind is: “If I don’t put in effort here, nobody else will either”. So to attract the kind of woman who was born in the 70s, you need to put some effort into it.

The Right Amount Of Challenge

You know that saying “chicks dig jerks”? For the most part it’s true, but not for women who were born in the 70s. These ladies value equality and respect, and they won’t be impressed by your playboy ways.

However, that doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to be a gentleman either. Women born in the 70s don’t need or want somebody who will hold open doors and buy flowers all the time. These women only respond to men who know how to find a balance between challenging them and doing enough nice things for them.

You’ll need to show her that you have a personality of your own. That you don’t see her as inferior to you, but also that you aren’t intimidated by her independence either. Because they are independent, many women born in the 70s have had bad experiences with men being too overbearing.

What Their Expectations Are From A Relationship

It is important to understand what type of relationship a women who was born in the 70s is looking for, and what her expectations are. Because many of these women were raised to value education and using their own money, they’ve become very independent.

They do not look at getting married as something that entitles them to live a life full of luxury either. Whether or not you live comfortably, and the amount of money that’s spent on them doesn’t enter into their thoughts.

These ladies are looking for somebody who is willing to put in an equal amount of effort to make the relationship work. And they will respond positively to men who can see past the fact that they don’t need you financially.

Our Final Thoughts

Dating women born in the 70s presents a unique set of challenges, but they are by no means insurmountable. If you want to date somebody who knows how to take care of herself, treat others with respect and independence then you’ll find this article very valuable.

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Best Of Luck In Your Future Endeavours!